JorZine - Symphony Of Silence

Symphony Of Silence

Formed in 2006
Label: None
Genre: Experiment
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Narek Avedyan: Guitars,Bass,Keyboards



Symphony was formed from the ashes of Symphonic death metal band "Der-Zor" in 2006. As the years progressed, the sound of the band changed from death/doom metal to a more experimental type of music. In April of 2011, the band released an official video of their single track "This Night, Moonlit Night", which received positive reviews. Their first EP "Into The Realm Of Silence" was released on June 12th, 2011, which used elements from doom metal, atmospheric rock and Armenian folk music. Due to some problems, recording vocals for the EP became impossible and the band released it as an instrumental album. After that, the band's style shifted completely, using elements from Shoegaze as well. They also decided to remain instrumental due to their wishes to focus more on music rather than vocals. No politics, no god cursing...just music. Currently, Narek Avedyan is the only remaining member of the band.
The band explain their genre as follows:
Minimalist experimental music which focuses on nothing but the aesthetics of music and is designed to take the listener into a journey.


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