JorZine - Mordab


Formed in 2000
Label: ZURVAN Rec
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Ali Esfahani: Guitars,Clean Vocals
Shahrooz Goodarzi: Vocals
Vahid Esfahani: Bass
Shahin Jebelli: Drums
Aydin Zahedi: Guitars



It all started In 2001 when Ali Esfahani along with two other friends succeeded to form a band named " MORDAB" , which immediately they stopped working as a band after their 1st single album.
In 2004 Ali Esfahani with accompany of Vahid Esfahani revived "MORDAB" . The band's members in that time were , Arash Ivani as Vocals and poet , Vahid Esfahani as Bass Player and Ali Esfahani as Giutars and Sound Engineering.
After 2 years they succeeded to record a demo album named "Into The Mordab" , Which was included an INTRO and 4 Tracks that was available in Mordab Official Website , for free download. 
In 2008 the 2nd Album of the band , "Darker Than Grave" was recorded and released containing 6 tracks , which same as their previous Album , was available for free download in their WebSite .
On December 2008 , Mordab was invited to" Metal Front Festival" in Armenia that was their first experience , playing live on the stage . Therefore Mordab invited Aydin Zahedi and Koryun Boobkian respectively as Guitar Player and Drummer.
On March 2011 after a huge change in their band membership ( Shahrooz Goodarzi as Vocal and Shahin Jebelli as Drummer and Aydin Zahedi as their Lead Guitarist) , they released their 3rd Album named "Room No.X" which is gonna be released through a record label .


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