JorZine - Mavara


Formed in 2001
Label: TMG
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Farhood Ghadiri: keyboards
Ashkan Hamedi: vocals
Sina Khodaeefar: Bass
Arash Radan: Guitars
Anis Oveisi: keyboards
Khashyar Ravangar Drums



Mavara Band,at first was formed by Farhood Ghadiri,the composer and keyboard player,in fall of 2001 in Karaj.Mavara means beyond of everything you think.
Mavara style is a kind of progressive and Neo-progressive rock actually Mavara is the first Iranian band in this music genre.They have had a lot of performance in Tehran and Karaj and so many
people have performed in this band,during this time.
Mavara Band,had taken part in a music festival,located at Tehran Industry And Science University,and was
announced as the best Band of Rock music in this festival.It's musics were broadcasting at the same time from
local radio.
Mavara Band,was taken part in internet music festival,Tehran Avenue,two times,first in 2003 and then in 2005.
Mavara Band first album,called Ultimate Sound,was recorded in 2003 and was distributed in 2005.At the same
year,they have done an interview about this Album with site and in 2005,they have performed
a joint concert with Aavaar Band on the benefit of Rock music in Iran.All the songs of this Album were Persian.
The second Album,called Forgotten Inside,is in English which it's record was started from 2008 and finished in
2009.Mavara Band has done a private concert for introducing this Album in 2009.In summer of 2010 Mavara had a Mini tour in France and took apart 
in Crescendo music festival . In summer of 2011 Mavara Finished their third album, called Season of Salvation.


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