JorZine - Nathyr


Formed in 2011
Label: None
Genre: Middle Eas
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sherief Askar
Khaled El-Shazli
Fady Maher
Mahmoud Ali
Khaled El-Sisi





It all starts in 1999. As the idea starts to dominate the mind of Sherief Askar; the use of folk instruments alongside the metal arsenal of sounds. Askar decides to explore newer horizons and to unleash his musical abilities in the right path. He was unable to do so alone, so he had to recruit members to proceed with the plan.


This resulted in the creation of a band named 'ODIOUS'. Shorty after the band was assembled, a demo was written. And shortly after recording the members that Sherief has recruited have all agreed to change the genre of the music from Oriental Doom to Black Metal.


When Askar disagrees with such modifications to his own project he decides to part ways with the rest of the members. Unfortunately this departure was not done peacefully or on any good terms; as the current members denied Sherief's credits and all his efforts, and the music written.


A full ten year freeze from the local scene that had already been deteriorating, was Askar's action. And though he halted his activities playing live, his persistance motivated him to continue what he had started, through writing tons of other material in the original direction he had chose to start with.




It wasn't until 2008 when Askar discovered the phenomenal abilities of Khaled El-Shazli. He noticed that Shazli had very unique writing skills & unparalleled vocalizing abilities to the extent that other musicians thought he had his vocals running through a series of effects! The couple decided to team up and pursue a more serious method. They worked though for a year and by 2009 after Askar & Shazli agreed to several issues concerning the band, they finally reached their decision and NATHYR was officially born.


2009 was a crucial turning point when a call out for a keyboard player took place, and through one of the ads Fady Maher responded and agreed to meet for a chat. Maher met Askar & Shazli for the first time and was very pleased with the material that he vowed the very same night to join the masquerade and light a candle along with the others.


Years rolled by until Askar decides to move back to Alexandria and was determined to find the remaining members that will soon complete the Nathyrian Horde. October of 2012, was the month that the 3 missing links were found. Baher Ali, Emad Saad & Mostafa Hammady filled in for Lead guitar, drums and Bass guitars respectively.




The sextet revealed their abilities and began recording their first album titled 'As the Legacy Unveils'. During the recording process, Nathyr's debut appearance was at a Cairo based event/concert called 'Walls of Death' where the band played their first 3 originals titled 'The Lords Of Wargasm','A Diabolical Cane', & 'Al-Taghoot'. Followed by their participation in the 1st W.O.A. in Egypt, where they played the same three tracks, adding a new one titled 'The Malignant Blight'.


The audience were astounded by the vicious melodies alongside the ever brutal voice of Shazli and the biggest shock was the pioneering Arabic lyrics that Shazli has unleashed upon the audience that night that sent them singing the lyrics after the performance ended.


The lyrical concept of the band, is a mere deliberation over middle-eastern and Arab cultural aspects, conflicts and struggles, masquerading as fictional tales as well as epic battles and wars taking place in an Arab/middle-eastern atmosphere.


During the summer of 2013, Ali & Saad decided to part ways with the band and by early 2014 two replacements took place. Gaber Shemony was appointed the lead guitars and Islam Ismail on drums. The two have pumped more life into the music. Quality, groove & originality have undoubtedly soared after their joining. Sadly, Gaber Shemony, Islam Ismail & Mostapha Hamady, had also to part ways, to persuit their professional career. And In the 4th Quarter of 2014, Max. Ali joined as the Nathyr's bassist for a short period of time. Afterwards Mahmoud Ali & Khaled El-Sisi, Filled in for Drums & Lead. Guitar, Respectively.


Nathyr expects to be on a broader spectrum of activities during 2015. There are already a list of new tracks to be released until the beginning of 2015, where the band will hold an official FULL LENGTH release to unravel their works of art locally as well as internationally. The album will be titled 'As the Legacy Unveils' and will have an average playing time of approximately 50-60 minutes of belly wobbling & head banging tunes.


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