JorZine - Brotherhood


Formed in 2011
Label: None
Genre: Hard Rock/
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Emad Ismail: Drums
Tony Oska: Guitars
Rand Al-Akel: Vocals
Mohamd Al-bzri: Bass



In the late 2010, the married couple Tony and Rand had met with the drummer Emad Ismail in a studio session. Emad approved the suggested scheme of performing some music sessions in order to set out the very first outline of a new project. 

Few months later, Tony and Rand had officially contacted with Emad to start composing the drum line for the song . Rollin Rockin. Afterwards, while conducting a few practicing sessions, Emad suggested “Brotherhood” to be the spirit and the name of the band. 

Since that moment, the band carried out few jamming sessions to complete its circle of members. However, after 2 or 3 rehearsals, Tarek al- Hassan from psychiatric delusion joined the band on keyboard introducing his friend Mohammad Al-Bizry who later became brotherhood’s Bassist. Tarek has left the band after releasing the very first track to . to travel with his family to another country .. " we wish you all the best there "
When the band decided to record an album, the idea of proving to the world that Syria have a bunch of great musicians had encouraged “Brotherhood” to record with different guests. 

So far, the band’s guests are: 
1- Lowaay Qanawaty Solo guitar 
2- Paula Al-Akel Keyboard 
3- Mhd. Siam (the soloist @ Anarchadia) Solo guitar 
4- Alaa Abdullah (the bassist @ Anarchadia) Solo guitar 
Nevertheless Mohammad (DOUMIAT) is now serving his military obligation. 

WE wish you all the best guys and Good luck. \m/


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