JorZine - Ecliptic Dawn

Ecliptic Dawn

Formed in 2010
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Gothic Met
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sam - Keyboards, Vocals, Programming, Composition & Lyrics
Herman - Bass, Spoken Vocals..



Ecliptic Dawn is the first Gothic Metal act from Syria, the band was found by Sam in early 2010 after composing one song at that time. Afterwords, other 2 songs and an intro were fully composed in summer, and by the end of summer everything was recorded and ready for production by Niall Doran, the production and mastering process for the EP which was called "Eternal Night Of Eclipse" was done in the end of 2010. Due to lack of musicians in Syria, Sam had to contact session musicians via internet.


Session members (2010) :

Niall Doran- Guitar,Bass
Julia S- Female Vocals
Matt Parsons- Bass
Stormalv- Bass, Guest Vocals
Ahmad- Guitar
Azathoth- Guitar


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