JorZine - DeathCross


Formed in 2008
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Samer Haddad - All Instruments and Vocals



DeathCrosS is a Syrian band from Damascus, DeathCrosS officially formed in 2004 as a Doom Metal band when the first full length album "Way to Heaven" was released as an Instrumental music album of 15 tracks. DeathCrosS was later to turn into a darker genre "Dark Doom" but some individuals may differ.. "The Four Seasons" was the band's second full album which was released in 2005, The album had the first appearance of vocals in the music, the album was pre-introduced with music videos "Respect" and "It's About Today", a DVD was released upon the finishing of the album. "Quiting Music" band's third follow up full-length album released in 2006 that had added more of a dark doom atmosphere into the music, it was closely pre-introduced by music videos of the 2nd track of the album "Gloomy Feelings" and the 4th track, the album theme "Goodbye I'm Done". "Dark String -C&S-" band's fourth follow up full length album that was released in 2007 that had "love" of melody mixture music. 3rd track of the album featured scenes from "SILENT HILL" the movie, the lyrics was connected to the story line of the game\movie, another song titled "Stay Forever" was rereleased as a piano version along with a lyrical music video. Early 2008 "You'll Find Me" a "Collections & Singles" album was released, the album included 20 tracks of previous recordings along with 2 Singles "You'll Find Me" and "The End (Creepy Cold Jail)". "Eternally" music album was released in 2010 making it the band's fifth full length album of 13 tracks, A music video was shot for the album titled track "Eternally". All music produced and composed by Samer AlHaddad lead vocals\guitarist\song writer.


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