JorZine - Anas and Friends

Anas and Friends

Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Soft Rock
Origin: Syria
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Anas Abd Al-Moumen - Vocals,Guitars
Omar Harb - Bass



This Syrian rock band was formed by Anas Abd Elmoumen, who produces, composes, plays guitar and sings on their debut album 'Mahjour'(abandoned), released in 2006.

Skilfully blending rock, jazz, blues and folk, 'Mahjour''s line-up includes several great names from the local rock scene:
Anas Abd Al-Moumen - Guitars, Vocals | Shadi Ali - Vocals | Rasha Rizk - Vocals | Sonia Beetar - Vocals | Khaled Omran - Bass Guitar, Vocals | Omar Harb - Bass Guitar | Hazem Al-Ani - Piano | Maen Rajab - Guitars | Simon Mresh Percussion, Their lyrics deal with societal issues, albeit in a sarcastic manner.


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