JorZine - X


Formed in 1995
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death Meta
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitars Omar Al Kilany
Lead Guitar Sameer Zaidan
Drums Alaa Shishany



"X" band formed in the early 90's. It was one of the most important bands in the Old Jordanian metal scene. The bands members were Sameer Zaidan as Lead Guitarist, Omar Kilany (now in Ajdath) as Lead guitarist and vocalist and Ala'a Shishany as Drummer.

The band had one demo "Satanic War" which released in 1992 and got a very great appreciation in the Jordanian metal scene. It have been played in the band's very 1st apperance. The demo includes 2 songs which can be described as "Death Metal" pieces of art!

The band participated in some local shows and even they performed in "The Rock Nation concert" in Beirut twice in the early 90's Band had their last life show at 2000 without Omar. Ala'a moved later on to Italy. Also Omar moved previously to Poland and completed forming "Ajdath" there. Sameer stayed in Jordan and he is giving his magic again to the local scene and to the new bands that make it get alive again


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