JorZine - Virgin Killer

Virgin Killer

Formed in 1998
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Heavy Meta
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitar Ivan Bakij
Guitar Basil Abu-alrob
Bass Murad bashaireh
Drums Alaa Skarkas



Virgin Killer was formed in 1999 in Amman/Jordan by Ivan Bakij (Vocal, Lead Guitar, Keyboard), Basil Abu-Alrub (Lead Guitar), Murad Bashaireh (Bass Guitar) and Ra'ed Mekdadi (Drums). The heavy metal band ``Virgin Killer`` has mostly been inspired by bands like Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Manowar, W.A.S.P., Dio and many, many more... In 2001 Alla'a Altud (Drummer) has joined ``Virgin Killer`` and is the bands drummer ever since. Our band performed in 9 local concerts in Amman/Jordan since 2000. Playing music, having fun and composing nice music is the main aim of ``Virgin Killer``.

Band In Pause because of Ivan Being in russia


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