JorZine - Tyrant Throne

Tyrant Throne

Formed in 2004
Label: Horned Hel
Genre: Brutal Dea
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals, Bass - Muhannad Bursheh
Guitars - Zaher Siryani
Hanna Marzouqa - Hanna Marzouqa



Unleashed in 2004 by cousins Muhannad Bursheh (Also in: Bouq, Augury) on Bass & Vocals, and Zaher Siryani (Guitars), and were later joined by Hanna Marzouqa on Drums. Tyrant Throne quickly rose to become one of the most renowned bands in Jordan and the surrounding area due to the band's stunning skills, impressive musicianship, and astonishing live performances.

Tyrant Throne's first release "Abominations" went out in 2007, and the band received astounding reviews from magazines and webzines worldwide, some of which are amongst the biggest in the genre's scene, and has since been on radio shows and TV shows globally, including CNN International.

Tyrant Throne’s music can only be described as a straight up shot of Technical Brutal Death Metal, lyrically salted by poetic socio-spiritual symbolism, and themes from the mysterious ancient civilizations of the Levant/Middle East, as of the Assyrians and Nabataeans.


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