JorZine - Symphovania


Formed in 2005
Label: Symphoquee
Genre: Power/Symp
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Lucy Zakharia - Vocals
Alaa Hamdan- Guitar
George Durzi - Bass
Ahmad Ajjouri- Keyboard
Costy Zakharia -Drums



Symphovania Started late in 2005 when members decided to play Epic Symphonic Power Metal since they all shared their crystal clear passion for Power Beats and fast tunes and to work hard to launch their musical career. Leaving the local scene aside for a while Symphovania had larger plans. They started working on their first album "Behind the Mirror" which contains operatic dark melodies and symphonic tunes with Epic influences. The album "Behind the Mirror", was composed, recorded and mixed by Ala'a Hamdan - and produced by Symphoqueen Productions.

Symphovania's first appearance was at Amman's First Charity Rock Festival when funds were raised to those who are less fortunate. Symphovania was able to pull off a great performance which many metal/rock fans admired. Symphovania also performed with other respected local bands such as Euphoria, Blind Vision and Cyanide.

Symphovania also performed at "Eeden Battle Of The Bands" and at "The Sims" in 2006. The gigs are now on hold because most of the bands are busy with their albums and release.

Music COMPOSED by Ala'a Hamdan
Lyrics by Haneen Samara
Produced by SYMPHOQUEEN Productions

Music Recorded by
Ala'a Hamdan
Guitars and Keyboard by
Ala'a Hamdan


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