JorZine - Spade


Formed in 2005
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals,Guitars Faisal Tutunji
Guitars Khaled Sa'ad
Bass,Vocals Kareem Ghandour
Drums Nader Thalji



Band members Faisal Tutunji (Guitarist/Vocalist) Nader Thalji (Drummer) Hussein Shamara (Guitarsist) and Ali Zein (Bassist) in their early years were not expecting the innovative music they were composing while in the same room. Due to their young age at 15 and 16 years old, they were not considering continuing as an original band with their own material but instead continued as a cover band.

Thus it was a repetitive cliché for the band after having various gigs around the city of Amman and so they fostered the name "Spade" in 2005 and continued to rehearse and compose material

The stage and under estimations weren't any road block for Spade. It was a well challenging journey that was fought with pride until the band had gained respect after demanding concert appearances. Spade continued to create their original material which constantly changed overtime with symbolic psychotic lyrics and concepts

Guitarist Hussein Shamara and Bassist Ali Zein left Spade due to personal circumstances and therefore the band was on halt for a while. But Faisal and Nader did not stop there. After searching willingly for new worthy band members to resurrect and continue spade's journey, Kareem Ghandour joined on bass and later Khaled Saadi on guitar. gaining more experience and sharing different musical influences, the material then became more complex, aggressive and diverse.

The first and longly anticipated EP "Dawn Of Dementia" was completed in January 2009


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