JorZine - Soulbleed


Formed in 2006
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death Meta
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Nazzal : Guitar ( Lead & Rhythm )
Mahmoud tayyem : Drums



The band bled into reality back in 2005 by Nazzal the band's guitarist and lyrical mastermind.
The Name Soul Bleed by it self explains a lot of the bands spirituality and philosophy. Where the Soul for the human being still remains one of the greatest mysteries ever for the human mind, Bleeding is the physical result of hurting the human body, yet the Soul bleeds to get over it's own lusts and sins.
The Soul Bleeds due to forbidding it from having everything that the Soul demands , knowing the true reality of the Secular world we live in.
It didn't take long for Nazzal to meet the Band's drummer Mahmuod Tayem & the Bassist Ahed Hijawi. They all shared a great passion for Music and were determined to record their own musical material. With the help of Muhanned Bursheh (Tyrant Throne "BOUQ") on vocals the seven tracked Album (Echoes in Eternity) was released in 2008, recorded at the Phexagon Studio Amman-Jordan By sound technician Muhanned Bursheh.

Echoes In Eternity was the band's personal statement to the world with the following song list :
Voices from hell
Die alone
Road to Jerusalem
Echoes in Eternity
Burning life

It dealt with issues the band had to go through on the personal level , and being a band that is not allowed to play in public yet striving to make it and deliver the massage they need to say .
One of the great inspiration for the Album's name Echoes in Eternity was a sentence

After the release of Echoes Mutasem Bursiq joined the band on vocals.

In 2009 the band released a single called (Armageddon) recorded at Symphoqueen production studio by sound technician Ala'a Hamdan.

In 2010 Mustafa Mhana joined the band as the band's bassist.

The Band was and still known for talking about subjects that fascinated the human mind since old times, yet they were able to remain in touch with the reality they live in as a Middle Eastern band with what the whole Middle Eastern scene suffers from violence, occupation and a lot of corruption.

Songs like Road to Jerusalem and Armageddon states that Middle Eastern Metal bands have their own identity and Soul Bleed never failed to lose that identity. The band knows the greatness of from where they originate and the divinity of the land they hail from.

2010 Mustafa Muhana Joined the band on Bass guitar .

2011 was a great remark in the bands musical history releasing the 2nd band's album PROPHECY 1.1.2011 which granted a big interest for the depth of its music and lyrical theme .
Track List :

The Battle of Aphek
Genetically Corrupted
Prophecy Of The End of Days
The Ninth Gate
Those from above
Ark of The Covenant
Raped Intelligence
Al Dajjal ( The False Messiah )

after a short breaking up ... SoulBeed is back with its basic and core members Nazzal and Tayyem from now on ... and for the future releases we will be featuring guest artists to perform with us .


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