JorZine - Rabbath Ammon

Rabbath Ammon

Formed in 2001
Label: Legion of
Genre: Black Meta
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals,Bass Hanna
Guitar Fadi



21 July 2006: After being granted the permission of Legion Of Death, we will upload samples of the Ammonites 7" album on myspace.

21 July 2006: Rabbath Ammon are now working on their new release which is expected to be finished in September, this time the release will be a full length album unlike the previous ones.

19 July 2006: Rabbath Ammon Debut release will be rereleased again for the Malaysian and Indonesian lands, the album will be split with the Malaysian Dark Metal band HALUN, the release will take place soon, for more info contact

April 2006: Ammonites' Knights' Nights 7"EP Release by Legion Of Death, 300 copies are now out and orders can be made through Legion of Death or you can contact us immediately, not many copies are left...Anyway the track list is:

1- In The Arms of Moloch.
2- Celestial Hallucinations.
3- Ammonites' Knights' Nights.

March 2006:Rabbath Ammon signs a deal with the infamous underground French label Legion of Death, the second release will most probably bear the title "Ammonites' Knights' Nights", this album will be out soon on 7"EP vinyl , the deal is only 300 copies.

March 2006: "SOLD OUT" Rabbath Ammon demo CD is sold out, We might think of a rerelease but nothing is seen in the near future.

January 2006: Rabbath Ammon on Xtreemities compilation CD Vol. 6, with Xtreem Music featuring one track "Crown of Sand".

December 2005: Rabbath Ammon are working on new material for the second release, we are we are expecting a full length release this time, and hopefully will be out in April 2006.

August 2005: Rabbath Ammon releases their first Demo entitled "Rabbath Ammon", (300 copies), this demo is a 4 track product the track list is:

1- The Stellar Sophia
2- Disciples of Cain
3- Crown of Sand
4- The Sign of Evil Existence (Tribute to Rotting Christ).
The tracks will be uploaded soon on the bands myspace page.


Back in 1993 two metal bands unleashed a creative Metal energy in Jordan, The names of those Bands were Rapture In Hades and HEBRON, Hanna as the front man (Bass-Vocals) for RIH, Fadi as the lead guitarist for HEBRON.
The diversity of those bands styles attracted unwanted attention when in 1997 after intensive live local experience and mastering of the skills, Metal became the countrys number one enemy.

Rabbath Ammon was born in 2001 (Hanna, Fadi),at that time 2 other members joined the band (Shady-ex Hebron, Rami-ex. Darkcide) since that time several attempts were made to bring back the flame to the scene, but every time something was about to happen, setbacks, problems with the authorities would suddenly emerge and prevent us from continuing.
The name of the band Rabbath Ammon explains where we come from, it appeared for the first time in history as the name of ancient Jordan (Amman) that was before the Roman Philadelphia.
Recording a cover song for Rotting Christ (The Sign of Evil Existence) was one way to express our respect to this band and the whole true Greek Metal Scene.
That was a brief look at our history.


Hanna Ex-"Rapture In Hades",  Fadi: Ex-Hebron


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