JorZine - Plain Steel

Plain Steel

Formed in 2007
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Heavy Meta
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals na'el gharaybeh
Rythm Guitar shawki mouasher
Lead Guitar abdullah zibdeh
Bass fouad imad fouad azar
Drums saif abu hamdan



The Band was formed 12/15/2006 when Saif Abu Hamdan and Mohammad Hindwai decided to form a Heavy Metal band. It wasn't easy but they were able to find Abdullah Zibdeh, and Mohannad Hasham, but soon Mohannad and Mohammad left the band. As time passed Saif started to look for a new guitarist and a bassist, where he was able to find, Shawki Mouasher and Fouad Azar. Afterwards they needed a name for the band where they came across Plain Steel. After naming the band they needed to find a new vocalist, this was the hardest task to do, but when a new student came to the School, who was known as Na'el Gharaibeh, he had  a hidden Vocal Skill that he had not known about until he was asked by Shawki and Saif to sing Painkiller, and after he did they were amazed, and was soon let into the band, thus making Plain Steel a full band.


Na'el Gharaibeh:

I had my first taste of metal after listening to a few songs from slipknots at the age of seven. I later developed a taste to all kinds of metal such as thrash metal, nu-metal, death metal, but heavy metal was my biggest interest, I especially like Ozzy Osbourne and Corey Taylor as vocalists, and I idolize them the most. I'm too lazy to play an instrument even though I tried the guitar, so I chose not play it and started singing for myself.

On my first day at NES I was approached by Shawki and later Saif After getting to know me they discovered of my vocal ability in heavy metal style, they asked to sing "Painkiller" by Judas Priest, they were astonished by my vocal ability, and later decided to make me a band member.

I never thought I'd join a band here I'm quite excited about what we could accomplish in our time as “Plain Steel."

Abdullah Zibdeh:

My first interest in music was before 7 years when I started playing “Tableh”, but after playing it for so long I decided that I needed to expand my musical talents so I started to play the guitar in 2003 , and I developed my love for heavy metal/hard rock, and after listening to only Heavy Metal I now only play the guitar, I’m influenced mostly by the metal gods “Judas priest” and “Pink Floyd.”

After 3 years or so, I decided that I wanted to join a band, where I came across, I found a new and fresh band that was looking for a lead guitarist, I called Saif and I succeeded to impress him and i was later accepted to join the band.

Now I’m the lead guitarist of the Jordanian Heavy Metal band “Plain Steel” and we hope to achieve a lot.

Shawki Mouasher:

As a kid, I used to listen to rap, I never even knew the very existence of Metal, but thanks to TV, I heard my first Heavy Metal song, I never heard anything like it before, it was barely anything like the music that I used to listen to... but I loved it. and now I’m a “Metal Head”

When I turned 12, I decided to pick up an instrument, so I started the guitar. Two years later I met Saif Abu-Hamdan, and he told me about his band Plain Steel, but he also said they are missing a rhythm guitarist. I told him about my guitar playing ability and so one day he invited me to his house to see me perform, and I succeeded in impressing him, so he asked if I would like to join his Heavy Metal band, and I did.

So now I am the Rhythm Guitarist of Plain Steel, and my main goal in life is for us to become legends and to inspire people to listen to Metal and maybe even make bands of their own.


was never fond of Heavy Metal, I use to listen to rap, until I heard Metallica and Iron Maiden, my love for Heavy Metal grew, but as for why I started to play the bass well, it all began when me and Shawki wanted to learn the guitar, even though I took lessons, I never really liked it, I was into the bass more because I use to love Jazz, 2 years later, I stopped taking guitar lessons, but I kept on playing bass.

On May 2007, I heard about “Plain Steel,” a new Heavy Metal band in Jordan, as I asked Saif about the band, I noticed that they didn’t have a bassist, so asked him if he needed one, the audition was set I were to go and perform, but unfortunately my left hand broke and was unable to play bass for 2 months.

But after the summer vacation, I showed Saif my Bass skills and I was later on accepted in to the group, and now I am a part of a Heavy Metal band called “Plain Steel.”

Saif Abu-Hamdan:

When I started listening to Heavy Metal, I was 12, I was inspired to do so by my Brother, I use to go to his practices with his band, and from that experience I decided to form a band, it wasn’t easy finding members but in the end I succeeded. Even though I might have found members, I had to let go of some, but luckily I was able to find replacements, and now we are fully “Plain Steel.”

Before I started playing the Drums I use to play “Tableh” or known as Dumbek, until the age of 13, I started to teach my self on the drums, where I was also able to pick up some techniques from my brother.

And after learning on the drums, “Plain Steel” started, and became completed and we will achieve a lot in our time as a Heavy Metal Band.
Former Members
mohammed hindawe(vocal) mohannad hasham(rythm guitar)


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