JorZine - Orjuwan


Formed in 2003
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Atmospheri
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Waseem EsSayed - Keyboards



Orjuwan is a one man band, a side project of Waseem EsSayed from BILOCATE, the idea came up in winter 2003 with the composition of the hit track "Merna" and then EsSayed continued working on it slowly through the following 2 years in parallel with his work in BILOCATE to eventually present the first album in march 2005 … which he actually liked to name after the first track that occupies a special place in his heart.

So far 1 live show has been conducted for Orjuwan which took place on October 20th 2006 at the Doors Cafe in Amman - Jordan and this gig featured several high profile musicians in the country from fellow rock and metal bands who stood up to support EsSayed in this mood music evening as the members listing was as follows:

Waseem EsSayed (Orjuwan, Bilocate): Keyboards
Mohannad Bursheh (Enhergier Rising, Augury, Tyrant Throne): Flute
Hani Al-Abbadi (Bilocate): Bass
Re'bal EsSayed: Drums
Baha Farah (Bilocate): Guitars
Moe Assa'd (Sathony): Keyboards
Rami Haikal (Bilocate): Guitars
Ahmed Kloob (Bilocate): Drums
Ibrahim Al-Qaysi (Bilocate, Ex-Esodic): Drums

Starting by the end of 2008 a new album is in the composing phase ..


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