JorZine - Mega Power

Mega Power

Formed in 1995
Label: Horned Hel
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Omar kilani : Guitars/Backing Vocals (guest friend)
Robcio :Vocals, lead guitar from
Muhannad Bursheh: Bass (guest friend),Mix and mastering
Jamal Obeidat (Aladin) : Drums



Mega Power was formed in Jordan in 82/83 at Yarmouk University under the name COSMOSand all members were students at that time.The band or (punch of metal lovers)was the first straight and thrash (old school) band in the country.Started under the name COSMOS and changed name to Mega Power in 89.
82 Jamal (the founder of the band met Aiman Malkawi "nigbour" and talked for first time( Loud music was spreading out of Jamal's room to street outside).Aiman stopped and we had first hello and discovered we both in metal so why the hell not form a band and make some noise next year!!

Both went ot uni and started searching members.Luck, Hand ball Goal Keeper Emad Haddad (Al Arabi Club) and Yarmouk uni famous goal keeper liked the idea and asked to try bass and soon was done (he is in the band), and soon touched bass guitar first time in his life,as Jamal was also happy to see drums and hit on for 3rd oe 4th time in life.
It was very new musical revolution so who wanted to join in was IN indeed.
Samer Sa'doon joined the band as singer and was hardly touched by noise we were making nad spreading out hte streets of the Uni.
band soon started concerts inside uni Gymnastics hall 5500 ppl wondering what the hell going on!!! And Jerash festival Sound and light theater,main foeum stage,and several stages in that fest for 3 years.

The band played for several 1000ds of ppl through several years and very few ppl were touched.
It was great fun to spread metal than to spread band's name and we succedded.
87 band stopped as Jamal went to army for 2 years.
89 Mega was born and more power. Started as one man band which is drummer who had to go on fight and played guitar for first time and uses ugly voice singing to make some thing looks like band. jamal met Nazeeh Al Tareef (guitarist)
Mega was more on Metal and went forward as 2 members using Drums Machine and making noise loud enough.


In 91 Mega recorded a home multi tracks demo and were mostly improvised-who the fuck cares- under hard conditions in a very short time and having great fun (10 songs in same day). The band stopped and was ended in 92 as jamal (the founder of the band, and the only member who lived all years of both cosmos and Mega) left Jordan. 2008/ jamal has great nostalgia to the good old past and decided to bring back alive Mega and lots of great friends are around and helping alot to make dream come true. 17 years of being far from metal but now Mega is back. Greatful for all friends who are the great support and with out them, Mega can never be re-born. Mega wellcomes Zaher Siryani from Tyrant Throne who is going to add great touches to mega in coming recordings. Long live all brothers and sisters and all those great good old years.


In 2010 Megapower Released a New single  'Divine temptation' on Myspace

The Single Was Released with Horned Helmet Productions company (INDIE LABEL) owned by one of the major Jordan's leading metal musicians & audio engineers "Muhannad Bursheh".


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