JorZine - Mazvox


Formed in 1995
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Mazen, Mou'taz
Rythm Guitar Aymen, Fadi, Firas, Kojay
Lead Guitar Mick, Shane, Luis, Fares, Tarek, Shadi
Bass Matt, Hanna, Mohammed
Drums Luke, Paul, Abd.
Keyboards Shadi



MAZVOX: a dying and eternal metalhead of the ninties. As a vocalist, always wanting to challenge the status quo and experiment. Had a long career, (formally) stretching from 1992-2002 (Jordan and Sydney). He has an on-off relationship with electronic producer down here in Sydney (2003-2005). He has been looking for new horizons and inspirations for the past two years. Unfortunately, still had not found the proper project.


1993: Vocalist of short-lived band "Abbatoir". Played only covers and performed only once at Skating Palace'93. Covers like Danzig, Metallica and Megadeth.

1994: Met up with Hanna and invited to join "Rapture in Hades". Covers and originals mainly thrash-like compositions. Performed at Atlas venue'94. Mazen went overseas due to family. Hanna took over vocal duties. Here one of the first pioneers of intuitive guitar playing 'Fares'. Orchestral training and very professional.

1996: Played drums for Hebron. Short-lived and. Performed with Hebron as drummer at Haya Centre'96 and Metal Storm'96 (skating palace). Also, during that time jammed on the side with well-known Zerka metal band 'Haunted Kottage'. No appearances. Covers and originals.

1997: My first recording. Met up with Fadi. J Toma, the most technical guitarist I have ever met. He integrated his iraqi musical training into his guitar style. Practised at Sameer's (X) work-shop. Recorded two tracks 'Sadoum' and 'Man of the Desert'. Never released and banned from Jordan fm. Style of music based on "iraqi magamaat". Drums were ashouri like. Vocals were a mix of melodic death and doom, thrash, a bit of grindcore and a touch of black. Unfortunately recording studio engineer at that time, didn't know what he was doing-incompetent! Tried to market band in Sydney (second-half of '97). Accquired 6-month deal with Warhead Records (Aus) and Guitar Factory (Yamaha) sponsorship. Alas, iraqi members were refused as labelled risk factors by Australian Embassy in Amman. Everything fell through!


1998: Came back to Jordan and lived in Zerka. Part-time vocal jamming with Haunted Kottage.

1999: Went back to Sydney. Joined Sydney band and named it Damaar. Recorded one unreleased demo. A mixture of heavy blues, death, melodic, doom and thrash-speed. Drummer and guitarist lost interest. I moved on.

2000-2002: Joined Sydney band 'Ultranoise'. Recorded one E.P. and one professional full title album 'Comprehensive Therapy'. Gigged extensively in Sydney area. A support band for the 2000 olympic festival in Parramatta, Sydney. A mixture of metalcore, death, thrash, melodic singing and screaming, rap and power heavy grooves. Vocalist forced to leave due to his beliefs and principles towards his arab heritage.

2002-2003: Went back to Jordan. Attempted to invest in metal label and community. Unfortunately, the powers that be messed with my support base and everyone lost interest. With that depressive view left the country and now residing in Sydney.

2004-2006: Working as on-off vocalist for electronic producer. Released one album "In Sin You Wait". Very electronika, not my cup of tea-but hey it's easy to do! Since recorded another single, yet to be released. Currently looking for inspiration that will fire up my passion again and creative juices!


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