JorZine - Kissing The Crown Of Thorns

Kissing The Crown Of Thorns

Formed in 2011
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Christian
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Harsh Vocals,Keyboards - Fares Swedan



Session Members:


Vocals,Compositions - Azmo Lozmodial
Guitar - Mafia Sherif
Bass - Lautaro Paniagua
Drums - King Luke


Kissing The Crown Of Thorns is a Jordanian Black Metal Project By Fares Swedan (From The Doom..Death Metal Band Chalice Of Doom), Which consists many Christian and Religious elements...
Many guest Musicians from Jordan And Other Countries have been contributed in this Project with a direct help from Azmo Lozmodial (Composing, Mastering, Clean Vocals)..

This Project Presents the other side of Fares's vocals abilities through the Black Metal Fields, With Cold and raw screams and grim violent sounds beside his growling vocals with (Chalice Of Doom)..

Kissing The Crown Of Thorns Has Released Only One Single So Far, And Its Called "The Holy Battle Chants" and its available in this myspace page..


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