JorZine - Infested Mind

Infested Mind

Formed in 2004
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Thrash Met
Origin: Jordan
Active: No

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Current Line up:

Vocals Nasser Abu-Hamdan
Guitar,Bass Nasser Abu-Hamdan
Guitar Firas Sayegh
Drums,Keyboards Adnan



Infested Mind started as a project with Adnan early 2004. Just writing down some ideas and trying to create the sound that was in his head. He set out to find his band, but had no luck in Doha. In 2005 Adnan moved to Amman, Jordan, kepping the idea of Infested Mind in his head. Late 2005 he found Andy who started as a vocalist/ guitarist, and Adnan was on drums, progress was made. One song was writen and recorded, "Silent Confession", under no album. Early 2006, Tamer (on vocals), Sahel (on bass) and George (on lead guitar) joined Infested Mind completing the bands first line up. The first demo album, “Trying to Breathe”, was under construction when the band started to fall apart, three songs were recorded: “My Lie”, “Deafening Silence” and “Nothing Left” under the album “Trying to Breathe”.


Due to several different reasons, Andy had to leave the band. This is where the band started looking at temporary members until a permanent guitarist was found. That was never done, the members went seprate ways, Adnan and Tamer still had the right members in mind. 2006 the band was back to only two members, Adnan on Drums, Guitar (no live sessions were needed) and Tamer on vocals. And they set out to find the perfect musicians for this band. Unfortunatly, Tamer left the band due to reasons beond our control and Infested Mind was paused. Through friends and absaloutly random people, Adnan met up with a guitarist, Wasfi, and on thier first meeting, jammed and wrote a song... which was strange. Mid-2006 Wasfi was an offical member of Infested Mind . Adnan and Wasfi started writing and found that the sound they created was one whcih they both enjoyed very much, they wrote songs, jammed and smoked alot. In Xmas 2006, Infested Mind took a trip to Doha, Qatar to play a show with Asgard Legionnaires. This is where they met "That Guy". It all started when Infested Mind were just jamming one day, and... some guy, just showed up and chilled with them. Adnan looked at him and said "Get out" and he replied "Shut Up". We just became aquainted with his presence. Noone really asked questions, he just showed up at gigs and shit, we always said hes just That Guy. Eventually, (known much later as Ahmed Sharif) "Shutup" became Infested Mind's That Guy! Helping out every way he can. When They got back to Jordan, they realized "Its time to record this shit!". And thats exactly what they are doing, Infested Mind are currently recording tracks for thier new demo, trying to get the quality of recording with thier budget, while getting into as many shows as possible


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