JorZine - Illusions


Formed in 2004
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Jordan
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Vocals: Khalid Nwairan
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Feras Musmar
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Alaa Faqir
Bass: Farhan Abu Hamdan
Drums: Hakam Abu Soud




Formed in late year 2004 , illusions consisted of long time friends Fawzi , Khaled , Joe and Ayyash soon followed by thier coleague Farhan.

Mainly influenced by Classic Rock they launched illusions and started doing gigs including covers of bands such as Deep purple , The Doors , Kiss ,Whitesnake and many others . Later to join the band was fawzi's younger brother Feras whose tawjihi exams prevented him from joing the band earlier.

illusions , still stick to to thier classic rock tunes , added more originals and covers of unique style , and still doing gigs all over Amman.



Khaled Nwairan (Vocals)

Born in Amman, Jordan on the 24th of October 1985.
He was greatly inspired by the 1980’s Pop/Rock artist Michael Jackson in his childhood. This motivated him to sing Jackson’s hits by the age of 15. At a later stage, he was introduced to rock music and decided to take his vocals even further.
His idol as a vocalist is Ronnie James Dio.

Feras Musmar (Rhythm Guitar)

Born in Amman, Jordan in September 20th, 1988.
A long time music fan, he grew up in a musical environment and stood out amongst his peers. He started playing electric guitar in 2003 after becoming a dedicated fan of hard rock and classic rock.
His idol as an electric guitarist is Ritchie Blackmore.

Alaa Faqir (lead guitar)

He's illusions newest member. Born on September 14, 1989, comes from a musical family, he plays with Faqir Syndicate (Acid/Fusion Jazz Band) and he has his own band. Alaa is considered one of the best soloists in Jordan. His idol guitarist is John Petrucci.

Hakam Abu Soud (Drums)

Born 1987, inspired by a musical family - his grandfather was a member of band; started learning and playing drums by the age of 10. He was the drummer for the school band through out his studies. Once at collage he became an active musician playing live and recording with a number of bands including: Symphovania, Vengo, stillborn and trio. having enfluences of classic rock icons such as pink floyd, deep purple and the rolling stones and being a fan of illusions for a while, he joined the band after the departure of ayyash in summer 2008.
His idol as a drummer is: Mike Portnoy

Farhan Abu Hamdan (Bass Guitar)

Born in Amman, Jordan on the 17th of March many years ago.
His taste in music is a mixture of international styles, such as Latin music performed by The Gypsy Kings, Oscar Lopez and Paco Delucia, oriental music and jazz performed by Fairouz, Ziad Al Rahabani and Frank Sinatra. He showed exceptional skills in Spanish guitar and performed with many bands during the 90's. He also proved himself as a fine performer while playing bass guitar with the choir of the University of Jordan and performing with many other bands. He worked on merging rock music with his background.

Former Members:

Joseph Shomali (Keyboards)

Born in Baghdad, Iraq on the 14th of November 1983.
His life performances from an early era reflected a flowing musicality and exceptional techniques. A classical musician, he was bewildered by the works of great composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Korsakov and that had influenced him to compose and play church organ and piano at the age of 13. He also performed and composed during the visit of the pope John Paul to Palestine in the year 2000.
A multi-instrumentalist, he plays the Spanish guitar, as well as the recorder and drums.
In 2002 he won the third prize in the national competition for music composition and started teaching music in The Latin Schools of Jobeiha. His keen bluesy scales and jazzy techniques enables him to expand his rock keyboard playing to further dimentions.
His idol as a keyboard player is John Lord.

Fawzi Musmar (Lead Guitar)

Born on the 16th of March 1985.
He developed a great passion and started out as a keyboard player and a freelance composer for websites and software in 1998. And later on, he became an electric guitarist experiencing the glamour of heavy metal and classic rock and started performing with illusions. He has also preformed with the band Razz as a guest guitarist.
He is currently a Dj and program director at a local radio station and continues to compose music for electronic entertainment.
His idol as a guitarist is Eric Clapton.

Ahmad Ayyash (Drums)

Born in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 14th of July 1984.
A veteran musician who’s distinctive and diverse musical tastes span from oriental to rock to jazz even to Latin music.
He started playing Spanish guitar at the age of 13 and expressed his admiration of Latin music. Being introduced to rock music had motivated him to discover a wild musical sensation from within. He joined a local band in Abu Dhabi ‘Silent Drops’ as an electric guitarist and ‘Still Water’ at the age of 18 as a bassist. He continued performing with other groups as a guest until he arrived to Jordan in 2002 with a fresh mind and established many links with local rock performers.
Meanwhile, he started playing drums and worked on taking it to higher levels.
His idol as a drummer is Peter Criscoula


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