JorZine - Embrace Of Lord

Embrace Of Lord

Formed in 2011
Label: None
Genre: Groove/Mel
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Kiarash Amiri: Guitars,Vocals
Mehdi Barani: Guitars,Vocals
Reza Kazemi: Bass



The Embrace Of Lord band started by Kiarash Amiri and Mehdi Barani in Tehran in the year 2011. In the summer of that year Reza Kazemi also joined the band as the bassist.
Kiarash Amiri and Mehdi Barani are the two vocalists and guitarists of the band who are in charge of composing and arranging the tracks.
Not long after the band’s formation, they released the single “Dead Serenity” as an introduction to the pieces and the genre of their music.
The main genre of the band is Death Metal; however, it is the combination of Melodic Death and Death Core genres using depressive melodies to make the lyrics look more sensible. 
The objectives of the lyrics are criticizing and challenging the humans’ deeds, picturing the resurrection, proving the goodness, and condemning the wickedness. In addition, they also indicate the problems of the humanity and the dichotomies deriving from existence.
The band, to go on with his affairs, has the determination of immigration to record and release albums and pieces overseas. 
They find the current circumstance of Iran as a setback, and see their improvement in Europe and The US.
The main objective of the band is globalization and being recognized as a great band in the world of Metal.


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