JorZine - Azhirock


Formed in 2001
Label: Bamahang P
Genre: Progressiv
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Babak Farrokhi: Vocals
Shahab Sadeghi: Guitars
Kasra Momneni: Guitars
Mohammad Soleimani: Bass
Shahin Efatian: Drums



Babak Farrokhi started the band Azhirock in 2005 by writing some experimental Hard Rock songs, arranged by Norik Misakian; one of the greatest Iranian electric guitar players.

When Norik introduced Soheil Olfat, one of his students, to the band as a lead guitar player in 2006, Azhirock changed its direction to a harder kind of music. Although they experienced recording some cool tracks in Azhirock's demo album "Sacred Inferno" the year after, Soheil and Babak didn't get satisfied until they started writing a bunch of wild progressive riffs for their debut album "Lucifer: Annihilated" released worldwide in 2010 by Bamahang Productions. 

During the recording process of Lucifer: Annihilated, they both decided to form a complete line up in order to prepare the band for live performances, so they invited Kasra Momeni as a new lead guitar player. He played cool guitar solos in songs "Unnecessarily Alive", "Shadow Of Faith" and "Parade Of Animality". 

Azhirock made three official videos for songs That Someone Is Me (single), Annihilated Lucifer and Unnecessarily Alive. They also appeared in a documentary film named "Rock On!" and some TV shows in VOA Persian and Sakkou in Manototv1 channel.

After their first gig in Armenia in summer 2010, Mohammad Soleimani (Bass) and Sina Talebian (Drums) joined the band to make Azhirock's wheels grind up their path towards international stages faster and wilder!
Now the evil lineup of Azhirock is releasing a single named "Paralyzed Mind" and warming up for Metal Heads' Mission festival in Ukraine August 2011.


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