JorZine - Arsames


Formed in 2002
Label: Plastic H
Genre: Ancient Me
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Ali Madarshahi: Vocals
Morteza Shahrami: Guitars
Saeed Makari: Bass



The First and most famous International Metal band from IRAN 
with 10 years Experience from 2002 to 2012 in a Country that METAL music is Banned and Forbidden ! 

They called themselves : Ancient melodic death metal band !

Arsames was formed in 2002 by Ali madarshahi ( front man and first Drummer) in mashhad one of the largest City of Iran
The former members started to create their songs and playing them in their rehearsal room at the same time , the result was Songs :
1-Homo sapiens 2-Cyrus The Great 3- Immortal Identity 4-Adipocere 5- Cyclopia (instrumental) 6-Exile , Metal music is banned in Iran so they couldn't release their songs

they decided to make an official web site to promote the band in Internet and follow that the myspace website in 2006 , they recorded all the tracks in a Home studio and put some of them in
their myspace and start to promote ... the feed back was great so many fans joined their myspace to see how death metal sounds in Persia, the fans added bunch of comments and good vibes
to their myspace and some magazines around the world ask them for Interview at that time , so they found a good energy to Countinue and to be the best most qualified Metal band Of Persia!

in 2008 Metalcamp festival invited underground bands to joined a competition and between 4 thousands bands Arsames won to play in Metalcamp Slovenia ...
in 2009 an international 3days unirock festival in turkey invited them to play in Istanbul turkey along with famous acts like:

Amon Amarth , Arch enemy , Kreator ...and the last day of the fest they opened the stage for Amon Amarth and Arsames had an interview with metalhammer that night and it published in
metalhammer magazine in 2009 they compare ARSAMES with Legendary band Like Death and Iron maiden and they said we are SEPULTURA of IRAN !

ARSAMES also played in Dorock bar in istanbul turkey few days later after they came back to Iran huge number of Turkish fans joined Arsames websites . 
in 2010 they invited to be the headliner and played in Metal asylum in Dubai 
in 2010 The band Decided to re record the first album with better quality an add some new tracks, they released a full length alb worldwide in Nov 2010 That
you can find it in all famous online Retailers like Amazon or I tunes ... 
Also they invited and played as headlining act in a huge metal festival in India Sikkim metal fest in Nov 2010 in front of 10,000 Audience 

in 2012 they invited to played as Co Headlinig Act in Nepal Metal Mayhem Festival along with Napalm Death!

in 14th of September 2012 the first ever Persian Metal festival wa help in Armenia and ARSAMES played as the headlining act in PMF 

They are working on their Second Full Length alb will be released in later 2012 or early 2013 Arsames claimed this album would sound something Different in the world Of metal Music and you have never heard it like it before!


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