JorZine - 5grs


Formed in 2004
Label: None
Genre: Heavy/Thra
Origin: Iran
Active: Yes

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Current Line up:

Sanam5049: Vocals
Pooyan Madadi: Guitars
Yashar Mojtahedzadeh: Drums
Faraz Jabbari: Bass



5grs is one of the Iranian Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Bands formed in 2004 in Tehran by Pooyan Madadi, band's lead guitarist & composer with their discremenating factor being the first Metal band in Iran benefiting from female lead vocal.

The initial lineup of the band consisted of electric guitar players Pooyan Madadi & Mazdak Sadeghi, bass guitar player Navid Naeima, drummer Omid Shahi Fakhr and frontman Arash. They started their gigs with the purpose of covering songs from some Grunge bands including Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam & Audio Slave. these gigs took about a year and during this time the ban's lineup underwent some changes. Shahin Effatian replaced Omid Shahi Fakhr as drummer, but after just some sessions he decided to drop out due to personal reasons and Aidin Radkia replaced him.

Eventually, on 01.09.2005 the band was able to get their first performance opportunity in Taraneh Hall. Upon performing, like the ritual common in Iran, the band experienced the second alteration in its lineup. Arash dropped out & Ali Azizian joined 5grs as the frontman. The aim for having gigs now was performing cover songs from bands such as Megadeth, but this time Pooyan and other band members were composing their original songs aswell. The gigs were not as successful as they thought them to be, and by Ali & Aidin drpping out, the band faced hiatus.

After a short-term halt, in 2006, Shahin Effatian, joined 5grs for the second time and Hadi Kiani joined for vocal. With the new lineup and the goal of performing songs from bands such as Iron Maiden, Savatage & Bruce Dickinson and composing their own songs, the band once again kick started their gigs. The offsprings of these gigs were two singles called "My Dreamful Place", composed by Hadi Kiani & "City Creeper", composed by Pooyan Madadi with song arrangements done by the band. At this point, the main complication was that, Pooyan, who was considered the fixede & main member sensed the productivity in the band's works can not be detected as it should be, so once again he decided to put a stop to their activities and he was left to be the sole member with the second phase of crisis approaching.

Meeting Sanam 5049 in 2007 was considered to be a focal point in the band's history and the first full-length album from 5grs titled "Access Denied" was released consequently. Capability of Sanam in vocal performance & writing lyrics on one hand, and the interrelation of their attitudes, on the other hand resulted in quikening up the pace of gigs.


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