JorZine - Zatreon


Formed in 2008
Label: Salute rec
Genre: Experiment
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Zander: Vocals
Sherif: Keyboards,syncs
Tarek El Assi: Guitars
Idreis: Guitars
Ahmed Tarek: Drums,Percussions



Zatreon was formed in 2006 as an experimental gothic metal band with black metal influences in the beginning . The band was founded by Zander, and Sherif. Due to some member difficulties the band used drum-machines and guest appearances for recording sessions. The band was completely underground until the release of Hope fails which cleared the dusts off the name Zatreon, attracting a huge number of fans world wide. Shortly after Hope Fails, the band worked on new and more advanced material. Shortly after completing their line-up, after couple of changes using guest in recording and jamming sessions such as wevil drums , Marwan bass , Adamador Guitar , Amr raven Guitar , Tarek Toki Guitar, and Misho Drums ...etc, finally the band has new permanent guitar players Idris and Tarek Assi and on live session drums Ahmed Tarek , Zatreon launched their myspace attracting a new era of fans, making the band work to their fullest potential. Ice Maiden was released in 2009 after the EP Hope Fails, attracting more fans. The band suffered from difficulties regarding the old line-up causing a temporary pause in the band's progress until early 2010. After long discussions the founding members decided to return to the music industry bigger and better than ever. Working with their fullest potential, Zatreon are preparing to conquer!


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