JorZine - Your Prince Harming

Your Prince Harming

Formed in 2006
Label: None
Genre: Post-Hardc
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Bass: Guitars
Moose: Bass
Shady: Vocals
Tarek: Guitars
Rasheedy: Drums
Shakaa: Keyboards,Synth/Samples



Your Prince Harming is a 6-piece band from Cairo, Egypt.

They formed in December 2006 determined to sound like nothing else. Challenging the boundaries of the music scene in Egypt by being the first Egyptian Post-Hardcore band, they showed enough potential with their unique sound and quickly started gaining a huge fan base in Cairo. The band faced many difficulties, from finding the right members to recording and achieving a decent sound for their music.

Now in 2010 the band is finally ready to spread their music worldwide with their first ep coming out. YOUR PRINCE HARMING is definitely the new band to look out for.


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