JorZine - Wyvern


Formed in 2003
Label: None
Genre: Heavy/Thra
Origin: Egypt
Active: Yes

Band profile
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Current Line up:

Adham Roshdy: Vocals
Marawan Shaaban: Guitars
Seif El-Din Moussa: Drums
Osama Salah: Bass
Ramy Sedky: Guitars



WYVERN, a Heavy/Thrash Metal from Cairo, Egypt, was formed in November 2003 by Hameed-former bassist -and Marwan-Guitars. The band started as a four piece cover band. The band covered famous songs for Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Sepultura and Slayer.

The band's first performance was on January 23rd 2004. WYVERN wrote their first original song entitled Sex for Sale in mid 2004 and was performed in their 4th concert that year. Since then the band started focusing on writing more original songs to switch from a cover band to an original band. 

The band is mainly influenced by old school heavy metal bands and that reflects heavily on their song writing and compositions... In 2006, the band decided to add a new member to the lineup. Adham Roshdy former singer of Helium joined WYVERN in October 2006 as the lead singer and until present time.

WYVERN is considered to be the pioneer band in the Egyptian Metal scene with almost 10 years of stage experience. WYVERN was the first heavy metal band to perform in a public music festival in Egypt since the “Great Arrest” in 1997. The band performed with the new line up at the SOS Music Festival Volume II that was held at the Chinese Garden at the Cairo International Conference Center in front of 20,000 music fans. WYVERN was the only metal band to perform in SOS music festival four times in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

WYVERN opened for Pain of Salvation in Cairo on April 4th 2007 as part of the Swedish band SCARSICK world tour. 

In 2009 WYVERN released their debut album “The Clown”. This is the first licensed heavy metal album to be released by an Egyptian band in Egypt. The album was distributed in Virgin megastores in Cairo among other music outlets. 

In 2010 WYVERN was mentioned by “ROCK HARD” in their special coverage for the metal scene in the middle east.


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