JorZine - Going through Behringer FX100

Going through Behringer FX100

Band: Behringer FX100

Author: Thousand Sons - 2012-08-01

Just to be clear on one point, I abhor multi-effects. I find them redundant, both sound-wise and quality-wise, they don't offer the musician much room for experimentation and are very limited when it comes to the learning the true point behind the effects. The only multi-effect boards worth having are the expensive ones (the general rule goes: if it isn't a rack or it doesn't cost over 600 dollars it probably isn't worth it).

What we have here is a Behringer multi-effects pedal, The FX-100. Behringer is well known for it's low-end clone effects, and this is pretty much the case. Although I do not know what original pedal this was cloned from (or if it were cloned in the first place). And to be honest I would risk to call this the best multi-effects pedal on the market; it costs shit-to-nothing which is roughly around 30-40 dollars (I have noticed that prices have risen for this pedal for some reason reaching 72 dollars in some cases. I think this pedal was discontinued in favor of the Behringer Vamp 1,2 and 3. I bought mine for 30 euros), it is compact and proves to be a great beginner's tool incorporating the most used effects.

This last statement of mine would receive much disagreement, but think about it: Not only does it help you learn the effects and how to distinguish them, it allows you to define/decide which effects you will use in your sound then get the same effect pedals from a decent manufacturer (Boss, Digitech or even Eleven Electrix). This helps you avoid spending 100-170 dollars for an effect pedal that you will later realize that you don't really use and it remains there in the corner collecting dust.

It has the following effects: Pitch Shifter, Tremolo, Delay, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger. That is 6 effects in one box.

And it beats Samson or Zoom when it comesreplica bags   to the price/quality ratio. That's a big one.

    Casing: Grey, lightweight plastic. Not very durable but I have had it for years and I haven't encountered any issues of the case breaking. This pedal has seen studio gigs, travel and it's not showing even one scratch. The only ball breaker is the position of the LED above the knobs, which flashes red light right into your eyes making the reading of the decals hard. You'd have to cover the LED with your thumb in order to see and select the effect. Battery replacement is just ass. It has two input female jacks ( true bypass or normal ) a and two output female jacks (to mixer an to amp) giving you four combinations. An adapter plug is present (negative inside, positive outside) 2/5

    Electronics: You have four pot replica bag  s; level, parameter 1, parameter 2 and the effect selector. The pots themselves are of reasonable quality. I have had problems with the LED circuitry since I keeps flashing when the pedal is on and is on when the pedal is off. Also while shifting effect you hear the sound a processor sound, clumsy. 2/5

    Durability: Had it for almost two yea  rs with no issues other than the LED circuitry. Good for learning and light gigging, my friend used it for a concert once and it lived through it. Not that bad. 4/5

    Sound: Not so good, you have some hum, the box is not shielded well enough, plus you hear the sound of the processor during some moments. But I underline the fact that it is a learning tool and not a pro pedal so keep that in mind. 3/5

    Price/Quality ratio: Excellent! You have six effects for 30-40 dollars, you get to learn how to use effects. Now this pedal doesn't allow you to mix the effects or save patches on it, you'd have to daisy link it to other effect pedals to do so, which is rather a nag. But it is still worth it. 5/5

This might be an interesting pedal for sample recording, noise music or just for fucking around with effects without spending the month's rent on a pedal. Pretty cool by my book.

This is highly recommended for those guitarists who would like to experiment but don't have the cash to support their need.

Final vote: 3/5 not the best pedal by a long shot. But it well justifies its existence.


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