JorZine - Going Through Epiphone SG Special

Going Through Epiphone SG Special

Band: Epiphone SG Special

Author: Thousand Sons - 2012-08-01

The Epiphone SG Special is one of those low-end guitars that guitar companies produce to satisfy the low budget, still-learning guitarist. Basically it's more of a Fender Squire counterpart, but is it as bad?
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It is the proof that guitar companies can output a decent quality guitar at an affordable price, for this guitar here we are talking about a sum of around 200 euros and I have personally seen it for 180 euros. Now for that sum of money one would expect that this guitar would suck major ass, but the fact remains that it doe sn't. It's DECENT enough to satisfy me. The craftsmanship is up to par for that price, it is well balanced (something you don't really find in guitars at that price range), and its sound doesn't dishonor the logo on its headstock. It comes in black and Cherry Red, no pick guard. (What is the point in those anyway? I haven't ever scratched the paint off a guitar while picking and haven't heard of any retard who ever has!)

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It has the classical SG body shape, the same body shape which Les Paul has so abhorred asking to scratch out his signature off the headstock. The body itself is made out of laminated Alder/Maple, it has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with a stopbar tail piece which in theory helps loading the strings and reduces string breakage. I agree on the latter but not on the first , besides , I prefer the through body string loading configurations since I like my guitar strings to have as much contact with the wood as possible to get the most natural sound out of it.

The neck is C shaped and is rather thin when it is compared to other Gibson/Epiphone necks, but if you're a guitarist that just came right out from behind a Fender/Jackson guitar you might find this neck a tad uncomfortable at the beginning. It's painted, and that is one thing that I really hate about this guitar or any guitar in general: painted necks. To me they feel uncomfortable, unnatural and my hand doesn't slide as quick as it should.

The fretboard is rosewood and not the good quality (the grain is kinda ... "meh"), but it still stands its ground. The pickups are stock humbuckers and are not really bad since they manage to pick up high frequency pitches and are rather versatile, however not very generous on the bass-line of the audio spectrum. Some people have upgraded their SG Specials guitar with better Humbuckers (usually Armstrong's, Bill Lawrence or even Seymour Duncans), I haven't personally tried this so I can't tell you if this is a good choice or not. The Hums are connected to a three way selector and a two pots (volume and tone), stripped down to the bear necessity but works just fine.

The tuners are something of an issue, since they are not really top quality. Some people have upgraded them to Grovers or Gotoh, but I have never seen the point in spending so much. But, fuck it! You're paying 200 euros for this guitar!

I have had this guitar, and I must say that it is one of the best ones that I have ever owned. It is sturdy and simple, giving out a pretty good sound and very reliable. Never had any problems with it in all the years that I have had it. I have played some Slayer and Metallica on it and it works fine (not the same sound though. Captain Obvious thanks you for your thanks) I had to sell it so I could pay off some debts and I sold a piece of my heart with that axe. I probably would never buy it again, but if I ever had a son or a daughter and if they ,one day, wanted  to pickup an electric guitar, this guitar would be my top choice (if I would still find them around by the time I am 50).

So, if you are a beginner guitarist and you're looking for something other than Squires or other low-end guitars then try the Epiphone SG Special. This guitar will be your best friend for years to come, and you'll probably leave it only when you get yourself a decent guitar.

Quality/Price Ratio: 10/10
Quality (craftsmanship) : 7/10
Hardware quality: 7/10
Sound Quality (w stock humbuckers): 6/10
Overall rating: 7.5/10


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