JorZine - Slaves To Sirens Live Debut At Metal Gathering Concert

Slaves To Sirens Live Debut At Metal Gathering Concert

Band: Slaves To Sirens

Author: Ali Siklawi - 2017-02-23

The first major metal event of the year was at Beirut Metro Al Madina featuring 4 bands: Voice of the soul, Slave to Sirens, Within destruction and Nader Sadek.
The female Thrash/Death metal band opened the gig with full force, delivering a lot of anger with their powerful guitar riffs and high pitch vocalist.
I have never heard better technical thrash and this band , from my point of view, one of the greatest live performance ever in Lebanon.
The entire band is extremely pro and skilled. Many bands are known for their skilled drummer, guitarist etc.. With Slaves to sirens every member stands out. They all play more than enough. The vocalist has a unique, almost impish voice, and can hit extremely high notes.

The bass is clearly audible (a clear problem with many metal bands) and the bass lines are all beautifully delivered (you can notice that there's a bass sound unlike other bands) The guitar riffs are always inventive, dynamic and groovy. the drumming...well, the drumming is probably the greatest I've ever heard Every band member is given time to shine in the show.


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