JorZine - Bilocate's Drummer Ahmad Kloub Beats Cancer !

Bilocate's Drummer Ahmad Kloub Beats Cancer !

Band: Bilocate

Author: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2016-12-02


Bilocate's Drummer , talented and loved member of the jordanian metal scene Ahmad Kloub Kicked Cancer's Ass !

Ahmad is a professional drummer who's been with the Band Bilocate for 10 years now and performed on their last two Albums “Sudden Death Syndrome” and “Summoning the Bygones”

And had toured with the band around the world and he is highly loved and respected in the metal scene around the world and known for being the nicest guy and one of the most down to earth dudes you could meet.



Unfortunatelly Ahmad Faced a tough Challenge and a very unfortunate turn over when he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

He underwent Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for the past 8 months, and Today, by the last day of November 2016, Ahmed gave us all the good news !

Today marks the day where Ahmad Beat cancer, And survived and going to continue on with his life , and with the band and fortunatelly for us fans and friends we will see him bang those drums and our heads with them!

Ahmad Posted this heartwarming message on facebook saying :

Today i finished the worst yet weirdest 8 months in my life, not knowing your going to die or live puts things in perspective! your priorities change! your real family and friends appear, and lots more.... going through radiotherapy was hard but chemo was the hardest part, seeing the same faces every time and wondering what happened to the faces that you dont see anymore, are they dead? are they cured? sometimes you dont ask questions you dont want to know the answers to, Family has been the best support unit in this, i dont think i would have been able to continue if i didn't have a stubborn mother or wife ! to them i have to say THANK YOU for everything, this is a new beginning of a new chapter. this time... im not taking life for granted!

Bilocate's Recent album was the 2012's fantastic " summoning The Bygones" and they are to play live in Dubai with The Great Katatonia !
Catch them up and see Ahmad and the guys kick it !

We Like to Congratulate Ahmad on his recovery and wish him a happy , love life! 


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