JorZine - Made in France - The Ultimate French Metal Anthology (1978- 2008)

Made in France - The Ultimate French Metal Anthology (1978- 2008)

Band: The Ultimate French Metal Anthology

Author: Muhannad Saleh - 2016-10-17

After reading heavy metal Islam I got more interested in reading heavy metal books and knowing more about metal history, how did it start, why did it start and what are the main factors that helped it to evolve and become one of the most recognized music genre in the world.



It has been proved to me that metal bands & fans got many stories to tell and to share with the world, memories to remember and re-live them again.

As important such books to the elder metalheads who lived the making era of the metal world that we now know and enjoy, it’s even more important to the new generation of metalheads because it's by our past we build our future.



The French metal scene is known for its great bands and festivals and that was another reason for me to read this book. I wanted to see how did the French metal grow  and compare it with what we call now The Middle Eastern Metal & Rock Scene, wondering: do we have the same problems ?!  Do the Middle Eastern metal scene have what it takes to survive yet anther 20 years of musical struggle?  Are we even allowed to call our selves Middle Eastern scene even though we are suffering from the lake of high profile festivals, record labels and media operations?


Well our problems pretty much similar but maybe ours are more complicated but in the end of the line our scenes faced the same problems  and they all are similar with many things  the only difference is that some scenes are younger than others by experiences not by age  and that’s something middle eastern metal scene is still going through.



To give you a more simple idea of what am talking about, the world won't accept us or even understand us, it’s just beyond their imagination no matter what we do to them. But wither they like it or not Metal is out there it’s the reflection of the sick world we live in so the more brutal the world gets the more metal we become , no one wants someone to tell them your baby is a stupid ugly bustard that wont do a thing in his life, No they all want to stay living in their fake happy bobble they call life , they don’t want to know how you kill the cow they just want to enjoy eating the meat, that’s why they will never get what metal is  not in a million years.


So how did France, Europe, and U.S.A get into an understanding with the other half of the world in their countries? Well they didn’t, the world didn’t accept them so they made their own world that how metal is "you don’t need me then I don’t need you" Just turn on your T.V and you will see channels are divided some of them full of metal songs and others not, even in Middle East many channels like dubai one and mbc action put metal songs   its true that it fits the channel atmosphere more but even though you can see that most of their viewers are metalheads and rockers at least the small group of us who still watch T.V.


What I mean to say is that for most of us metal is a huge part of our lives and we see it everyday but to others they live their entire life without hearing anything about it metalheads built up their world and the world made sure that no one knows about the metal world that’s why you don’t see the insider or inside edition or any other crappy t.v show bringing many news about metalheads. Although metalheads are more interesting than other celebrates and musicians and got whole lot more to say than "oh my god am having a baby " or" my husband is cheating on me"  or who went to rehab Aka " Pop Stars fucked up drama" 


Any way don’t want to get off track the book but that’s what the book was mostly about how the French build their metal scene step by step, riff by riff.


The book starts with some important facts of metal and rock music revolution

The major bands and the releases that helped this genre to be as well as the atmosphere and the problems that caused the creation of this music genre.  

Such as (employment, price increase and oil crises) …I know!! Add War to that and we will be talking about Middle East,   told you we are similar more than you think.


Later on the writer starts sharing his memories and thoughts about the French metal scene its not really a history book as much as its an old metalheads dairy the context in this book cant be googeled or found in wikipadia its just like the writer is telling us the stories he lived and how the old times were talking about each era alone featuring the bands in each era the role of media and record labels  those 10 pages  brought history back to live as soon as you start reading you start imagining it in your head it really gave the reader a full idea about the French metal scene and metal creation in general .


Although the book main point is to give an idea about the French metal but the writer didn’t stop only at words he also contained his book with bands' images, v.clips, concerts tickets, major interviews and reviews and most of all a list of almost every (Heavy, thrash, progressive) metal band in France with their releases, style and full info.  You might want to check that if you are looking for new sound to your ears.

I listened to few of the bands mentioned and I think you will like some of them.


This book was really interesting to me and I am sure it will be interesting to many others I would like personally to thank raskel and metal integral for making such a great book and experiences happen.  Make sure visit www.metal– to know more about the book and the French heavy metal scene.


And to answer the Question Does the Middle Eastern metal scene have what it takes to survive yet anther 20 years of musical struggle? Well yeah Europe and U.S.A built their metal worlds and Middle East still building theirs, it just needs a little time and a little more dedication.


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