JorZine - Maestro’s Jamming Mondays!

Maestro’s Jamming Mondays!

Band: Maestro Musical Restaurant and Bar

Author: Mohannad Saleh - 2016-08-16

When it comes to week days, nobody really talks about Mondays, its true this day is famously hated in the western culture, but in our part of the world, the week contains long week days, and few moment - like days in weekends. 
First, let us talk about Maestro, I remember whenever I watch those empowering documentaries about music history and hear about those downtown pubs, that had music nights weekly, Maestro in a way is like that, I remember how much I used to envy them for living such moments, never thought that in Amman, we'll get to re-live history, yes I always  thought that  at current times, we are living the 70's of Europe, with Feminism, Arab spring, comedy routines , talk shows and of course Music. but didn’t think that I will live the day.  

So what is going to happen on Mondays? 
No one really knows That there are constant musicians around the month , And guest musicians as well. 
Many Of Those Musicians are Well known,  While others are underrated and waiting the big next thing while being extremely talented.
All those people get together and jam Music, Yesterday was as  great as always with amazing performances, and the guest star was this harmonica player whom I later discovered that he once was a great jazz drummer. 
Forget about those concerts which are full those days with annoying people who keep talking while great music is being performed, this night, "Maestro Jamming Monday night" is purely about music,  nothing can go wrong  
So if you survived your week, And needed a little glimpse of the weekend, head down to Maestro in Monday.  
Its going to be Fantastic.


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