JorZine - Is Metal Becoming Boring?

Is Metal Becoming Boring?

Band: JorZine Team

Author: Mohannad Saleh - 2016-08-16

Oh did I say the B word? Well a part of you agrees with me, unless you are a new kid who still discovering metal and going on your head metal is more interesting than Pop and Rap music, let’s leave this discussion to the MetallicA v.s Megadeth people.


Think about it this way, why we all most of the time like the old songs more than the new metal ones, even for the same bands and artists, did the artist change with fame and time? Or did we? Or what?


In the normal human condition our addictions no matter what it was, drugs, love, alcohol or music to name a few, with time we require more doses in order to able to get the same feelings we used to have in the previous less doses, it’s how we were built or created, our bodies develop an immune to those previous doses.





So what’s going on? Why am I still stuck listening to either the 60s and 70s? why do I feel only when am hearing Dio’s don’t talk to strangers, or Black Sabbath’s War pigs, even now while am writing this article am still stuck listening fade to black over and over again. “Life it seems, will fade away…Drifting further every day, getting lost within myself…Nothing matters no one else, I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give. There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free”


I made you sing, hehehee, but seriously is it the lyrics? Is it the song? Is it that this is how exactly I feel at the current moment? relax am not a kind of person to ask question I don’t have answers to, or at least theories about.


To answer this, lets first answer the question what makes great music, great, well first part of the theory that great music isn’t great because of the music! in fact if you did a small research back in history you will find that most of great songs that we all like and remember are simple ones, not because we don’t have complicated minds /lives but because we want a simple life, which brings me to the point of this article here, great songs and artists usually talk about personal issues, their inspiration comes from their lives, the incidents they live, the news they witness and hear about and the books they read, they made us part of their lives, therefore we made them part of ours.


When you are a kid growing up, you don’t need someone to talk to as much as you need something to listen to, something that empowers you, give you the harsh reality, yes life sucks, but it sucks for all of us.


Trying to speed things up here, think of it this way when other bands were trying to compose great songs focusing on their technical music abilities, great ones focused on speaking out their mind and then put some music into it.  So yes I do believe that great songs are lyrical driven songs not genre or musical one, yes each band has its own sound and style, but everyone writes a sad song, a happy song, an angry song.  For example, Metallica’s The god that failed is a sad angry song, and Megadeth song 10,000 Good byes is also a sad angry song. Yet they both are very different because each has a different concept


So basically yes, Metal is becoming boring, because it’s now more about trying to compete with who is the more technical or who is the loudest, fastest, or even more creative, Artists those days compose music then they put lyrics on it regardless if it fits or not.


A Simple Example when Setve Vai starts his song Bad Horsie with that massive strong guitar sound he was trying or he in fact id make a sound of a horse out of his guitar! So it made Sense, and it was just pure Brilliant work.


Take an great song that we all know and love, try to take the lyrics out of it? Does the music feel the same? Now do the opposite. it won’t work!


 Am not against being creative or improving technically but your music must make sense with the lyrics and the song concept, it must fit, Music is the theater of the ears, you can’t do a song telling a story about a devious devil while sounding like 13 years old kid just like in a play a dead guy cant move or act alive.


So this article is a cry for help, am begging you my dear bands out there don’t make metal boring, it’s one of the very few 5 things that I only enjoy in life.


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