JorZine - Hadi Sarieddine - Live In Lebanon

Hadi Sarieddine - Live In Lebanon

Band: Hadi Sarieddine

Author: Carmina Khairallah - 2015-11-21

On Thursday 22nd October, The Back Door (a club located in Beirut's Mar Mikhael) received the visit of HADI SARIEDDINE, guitarist of the Dubai-based Extreme/Experimental Metal band BENEVOLENT, for a solo show of covers and originals based on guitar, singing, and various sounds recorded on a laptop. BENEVOLENT performed in Lebanon for the first time on May 24th of this year, and the band’s success with the Lebanese crowd as well as a decent amount of advertising left to believe that Mr. Sarieddine’s first solo concert in Lebanon would generate a relatively good attendance.



That most definitely was not the case. The concert was supposed to start at 9h30 PM, but when at 11h there were not even 20 people all in all present at the venue (including the staff), it was time to get started anyway. He performed the following songs:


- Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia cover)
- Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd cover)
- Guiding Light (Foy Vance cover)
- Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
- Lost
- Find Rest
- Larger Than Life (Backstreet Boys cover)
- With Eyes Wide Open (In Flames cover)
- Diamond Eyes (Deftones cover)
- Lethean (Katatonia cover)



The very beginning of the performance was marked by technical difficulties, namely problems with the guitar’s pedal, leading to an array of particularly annoying sounds. This was solved for the most part right after the first song, and aside from that the sound was mostly clear, although the vocals were a bit muffled at some points. There is not much else to say from the technical point of view as the songs were all executed quite well.


Obviously, the lack of an audience makes it impossible to say much else. What could have been an interesting event ended up turning into what mostly resembled a family gathering, with about a dozen attendees huddled up on chairs smack in front of the stage. At least it was cozy. Mr. Sarieddine made it a point to constantly interact with the audience and crack a number of jokes, but the possibilities were nonetheless limited from the start. He performed with accustomed passion, but being on stage is an energy exchange, and if there are no listeners on whom the energy can bounce back, no energy to feed on, all that can be generated will be discomfort from both ends.



So, at the risk of turning this into a sermon… come on, people. Many showed excitement towards the event online and didn’t make it. I get that we all have our lives and that concerts can’t always be our priority, but when accomplished artists make an effort to actually leave their country and come to ours by their own means, we could at least pass by. The scene missed what could have without a doubt been a great show, and if we keep missing out, who knows if there’ll still be anything to miss out on in the future. Anyway, thank you HADI SARIEDDINE and thank you The Back Door, we’re looking forward to hearing more from you.


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