JorZine - A Guide to Arabic Rock

A Guide to Arabic Rock

Band: Various

Author: Kassem - 2015-01-22

Nothing is better than listening to music in your own mother-tounge language, especially from the more unknown artists. With that being said, there are various of rock bands around the world whom sing in English which is international language, but still there are those few bands which always stick to their culture and roots and try to develop something unique with mixing music with their own regional language, traditions, and culture which is something challenging, considering that the ones whom I'm talking about are singing in slang-Arabic (which is slightly different from country to another).

Here is a list of 12 Arabic rock bands that I really admire, from diffrent Arabic countreis such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. Consider this list as some sort of "Encyclopedia" of the greatest Arabic-rock/soft-rock/pop-rock songs.



Fish SamaK







Akher Zapheer



Mashrou' Leila












El Morabba3












Toot Ard



The Other Side Of Mascara



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