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Band: Frequency Festival

Author: Zaid Mousa - 2014-11-21

Frequency Festival took a place in the Rainbow Theater on 21st November, gathering many metalheads and rockers from Amman, Jordan. It is the only place in the city where you can play Metal music, but it will not avoid you to get into troubles with the Jordanian government.



I went to this concert with high expectation, given that it's been a long time since we had a Metal/Rock concert in Jordan. But sadly things went as usual, starting with the organization: they weren’t organized at all, they were an hour late from the time schedule like in every concert in Jordan. People had to wait outside in the cold, and they hired the worst sound engineer I have ever seen. To be honest, all the concerts that I have seen in the Rainbow Theatre had some problems with the sound and no one was perfect, but this one was horrible.

I didn't really care about this honestly, but when the bands started playing I asked myself what am I doing here after I watching a couple of bands playing. The first of them was TIMBRIONIC (Experimental New Age/Electronica project), what I think they did is just switching on a huge iPod and making us listen to their recorded music in their computer. Well, the idea of a concert is to perform live music, no matter what your music is…

Going to the 2nd opening band (which is called NEARLY SERIOUS) Rock/Blues band, it was a young guys' band which played 3 songs. They opened the show with their original song, which was good, but the second song they played fits these guys more, they played JOHNNY CASH's "Folsom Prison Blues", and I think they should stick to this style. They ended up their show with another original song. Well, it was something like mixing Rock/Blues and Alternative Rock with Arabic lyrics, and despite the fact I couldn’t understand the lyrics and it was very good. But in my opinion, they sounded too similar to AUTOSTRAD band.

Regarding the main bands, BGEYE consists on one girl and her computer and keys, playing some covers and original music. The girl simply didn't fit the event and it's line up, so there isn't much to say about her performance.

The next one was PLATFORM 13, which after one hour of bad music, did it better than the rest as one of the main bands in the event. After watching them playing ten Rock/Metal covers, it made me think that I was expecting more actually. Despite the bad sound due to the bad work of the sound engineer and the background noises, the audience loved their show. In my opinion, I think that they should work more on themselves and write some original songs.

After all this, the Rock band FUSE ended the concert with some Rock N Roll covers. These guys are good, they have played a lot of gigs and they have improved a lot in their musical skills. The setlist was focused on covers of Classic Rock bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC and many more. But I have to say that after watching them performing in a lot of gigs, they are always playing the same setlist!

All in all, I can say that it wasn't actually a concert to remember. Anyway, I hope it may helps bands and organizers to learn from it and try to make something better next time.


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