JorZine - Iraqi Heavy Metal is Back , Part II Olympus, a Power Metal from Baghdad

Iraqi Heavy Metal is Back , Part II Olympus, a Power Metal from Baghdad

Band: Iraqi Heavy

Author: Mujtaba M Badr - 2011-03-15

Months ago we reported the return of heavy metal concerts in Baghdad, with the new band Fataology made its debut concert, month after, the known Iraqi Death Metalers Dogfaced Corpse, returned to take the stage once again and brutally ripped the headbangers of Baghdad

This time, once again, the tiny Iraqi metal scene witnesses a new comers, this time, its not an extreme band with lyrics full of anger, NO. The Band wanted to break this tradition and take the Iraqi metalheads, to the metallic Olympia, and sing the anthems of metal gods, such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest , Sabaton and Metallica, with songs less extreme than what other bands play, and less political and war themes.

Olympus try to give a new dimension to the Iraqi tiny metal scene, they try to utilize the heritage of old Olympia philosophy into the nowadays life, so to know more about the band, the show, and what is their next step, we had this conversation with the band vocalist, guitartist and founder; Ameen Al-Jaff:


JZ: First of all, I congrats you for doing your debut show, and from the pictures and comment I read, the event seems to be a great success, how was your feelings after event?

Ameen : Thank you so much , we appreciate it , and yeah it was a great show, before, within and even after the concert. The crowed was much enjoyed , they shared singing , headbanging and shouting with the band, with their devil signs in the air. That made us close to each other’s (band & crowed). I believe it's a dream for every metal band to see such awesome crowed , they Rock .

JZ: Olympus is a new band in the Iraqi metal scene, would you introduce it to our fans, Brief history, And tell us about its theme and message?

Ameen: Olympus is an Iraqi Heavy Metal band established in Summer 2010; by Ameen Al-Jaff (Band Former/Lyrics & Music Composer/Guitarist /Vocalist and recording Bassist) with Mahmoud Meta (Guitarist) and Lateef Al-Rawee (Drummer) to show their love for music in the current Iraqi Atmosphere. The band tries to get out of the whole atmosphere by working on music the members like with the influence of the Greek Mythology. 

Olympus Lyrical theme focuses on the Greek Mythology, from the Titans to the war with the Olympian Gods and etc. . The band is much influenced by the old school bands like Iron Maiden , Savatage , Black Sabath and etc. , because we believe that metal scene is new to Iraq , so the old school style the world calls, is a new school to Iraq . 

We had to make a live show so we did it on the 24th of Feb. with the assistance of Humam Ibrahim ( Bassist of the band FATALOGY ) as a Live Session Bass Player, and now we have 2 other shows in Erbil on the 11th and 12th of March . [Editor: the dates are now postponed due to booking issues]

JZ: An Iraqi band with a with a Romanian mythology theme, don’t you think that gona make some fans wonder why not Mesopotamia?

Ameen: It's a matter of culture a lot of Americans and Europeans talk about the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia , so it's our responsibility to show that we are not strict to what we are only , we respect cultures of all other nations . Second Thing is that , the Greek mythology has infinite stories and myths with a lot of philosophy. Other reason , we tried to get out of the whole atmosphere the country lives , even the lyrical theme , it's music not anything else, we want to make songs that are listenable to all generations and accepted by the whole world , and by doing so, we will put Iraq in the right place, not only what they hear in the news , Iraq is still Iraq no matter what .

JZ: One of the songs you played, Maybe - Harp OF Sumerian Queen, its an old rare Iraqi Rock song, that not everybody know about it, can you tell us more about this, to give more info about the history of Iraqi hard rock scene?

Ameen: The Harp of the Sumerian Queen is a song originally by the Iraqi Rock band MAYBE , they performed it in their shows in the 80's with other of their original songs and performed in their shows until the year 2000. The band had hard circumstances due to Saddam period and other stuff, some of them traveled to other countries , and this is the only song we could get from a friend of us , his name is Haval Yousif , he was the one who gave birth to the song (HARP OF THE SUMERIAN QUEEN) and raised it from the cemetery of all other buried songs, and it was a great deal and honor to introduce us to the lead Guitarist of the band (Omar Ahmed) , we shared talking and it was an honor to talk music with our pioneers in the Iraqi rock scene , then we got the permission to play it live , though no one knows it and none heard it, but we will do our best to play it again and again to let the people accept it .

JZ: I heard some rumors says that you are working on new songs, and gona be released with those already done, would you give us any further details?

Ameen: Yes , actually we are working on our demo tracks, and we are about to complete a 6 songs EP with different genres and tastes, now it has 5 tracks includes 4 songs and an instrumental track and it's being recorded in a home studio, no labels or Metal studios in Iraq, and we are trying our best, and we can do it especially with such support of You and the fans who always keep pushing us forward, we won't let them down .

JZ: Finally, with Olympus coming into light, and DogFaced Corpse and Fatalogy return to the scene in end of the last year, do you think that the Iraqi Metal scene is started to take a constant steps into forming a well developed scene?

Ameen: Sure , With Dogfaced Corpse ( death metal ) and Fatalogy ( thrash metal ) followed by us , Olympus ( Heavy metal ) it's the first steps into developing into styles of metal in Iraq , and people began to understand the differences between the styles , that's why I said above , our band is influenced by the old school bands like Iron Maiden , Savatage , and etc.... , we believe that metal scene is new to Iraq , so the old school style the world calls, is a new school to Iraq .

JZ: Any final words you’d like to add for your fans ?

Ameen: We Just want to say that we are grateful for everyone who likes our music , pushing us forward , and that we won't let you down , you will always be updated with good news about the band , stay \m/ .

The show Set-list : 

Sabaton - Metal Cru
Judas Priest - Breaking The Law 
Iron Maiden - Wasting Love 
Olympus - Beyond The Sky 
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Savatage - Edge Of Thorns 

Olympus - Here We Rise
Olympus - Right To Live 
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
Maybe - Harp Of Sumerian Queen
Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune 
Iron Maiden - Look For The Truth 
Olympus - Here We Rise ( 2nd Time Fans Request )

Olympus - Here We Rise [Live]

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