JorZine - Iraqi Heavy Metal is Back With Fatalogy Making Their Debut Live Show In Baghdad

Iraqi Heavy Metal is Back With Fatalogy Making Their Debut Live Show In Baghdad

Band: Fatalogy

Author: Mujtaba M Badr - 2010-11-30

Friday, November 19, was a day to be remembered for our Iraqi brother metalheads, Thrash Metal, Thrashed once again in the middle of Baghdad.

Metalheads all around the world, and also none metalheads, had already heard about the Iraqi metal scene through the well known documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, and we all witnessed how Acrassicauda had took its ride of luck into the stardom, flew to USA and started their musical career out there, with the support of many big metal names [in case you don’t know; their debut EP was produced by Alex Skolnick, guitarist of the legendary thrashers Testament]. 

But the Iraqi metal scene had its reply for that, and showed to the world that Iraq is not just about Acrassicauda and their personal struggles, and what is real Heavy Metal is about when your daily life is literally about “Death”, “Thrash” and “Heavy Metal”. And that happened by the rise of Brutal Impact and Dog Faced Corpse, two new bands took the stage and fueled it up, two years ago during their live debut, an event that even mentioned by the mainstream media such as the CNN. And a year later the Iraqi metal scene even featured on “Don’t Tell My Mother", a documentary airs on National Geographic Channel, when Brutal Impact and Dog Faced Corpse hit the stage again and preformed at Al-Mansur Hotel. 

And after a little hiatus, the Iraqi metal scene still AWAKEN! with the new thrash metal band Fatalogy (feat ex. Members of Brutal Impact) making their live debut show at Al-Keethara Hall, somewhere in Karadeh, Baghdad.

As I said, Fatalogy plays Thrash metal [obvious, Iraq the most thrashy place on earth], and they play as four piece: Rafaiel Saib [The Drummer; Ex-bassist of Brutal Impact and Dog Faced Corpse], Humam Ibrahem [The Bassist; Ex-Bassist of Brutal Impact], Ramy Abd Al Sattar [Guitarist; Ex-lead guitarist if Brutal Impact], And Ahmed Al-Salihi (Vocals). The setlist mainly complied from covers of Thrash and Heavy metal veterans, such as Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Sepultura among others, in addition of two original songs: “Abo Ghraib” and “War After War”, and there is no wonder that most of the songs picked are fueled with political and war themes. 
[You can see the full set-list, plus a fan filmed video of the band “War After War” below] 

And to get in-depth, about the band, the gig, and the Iraqi metal scene in general, we had this short interview with Rafi Saib, the man behind the drums and Humam Ibrahim, the Bassist:


JZ: Will you describe us the feelings and reaction around this gig by the band and the fans as well?

Rafi: Before we played our first gig, we were afraid from the dangerous situation on us and on our fans, you all know about the situation in Iraq, especially for metal heads because they accused us of being satanic and evil-worshipers and blah blah things like that. But Metal is Metal - Metal rulez, we decided to do it and we did it on 19-11-2010.

Our feelings and our hearts linked together when we saw more than 400 fans came to the gig headbanging and screaming in the name of FATALOGY, Its a brotherhood, Metalheads Brotherhood.

Humam: The reaction was great, Moshpits, Walls of Death, especially during “War is My Shepherd”, and if there was a good stage things would be better for stage diving too, haha.



JZ: When was your last time to do a live gig?

Rafi: Our last gig was one year ago, but in another band name and another lineup. We played as Brutal Impact or Dog Faced Corpse. For me I was the bassist of Brutal Impact, but now am playing drums with Fatalogy.

JZ: As all we know the hard situations in Iraq, did you faced any obstacles while planning for this gig?

Humam: off course, first of all no one gave us a place to play our show, and after finding this one in Al Karadah, shit happened in Al Najat Church, four terrorist or maybe more as they said entered the church to perform their massacre there and this one happened close to the place we made our live show. Two days from the church there were 20 car bombs in Baghdad, exploded in one hour, so what do you think if they knew about a metal live show contain about 400 people and no one can protect you or refuse to protect you. It wasn't easy dude, but we had to do it, and we did; Chuck Schuldiner once said: Let the Metal Flow. we let it flow, thanks God.


JZ: How would you describe the Iraqi metal scene nowadays?

Humam: there was a metal scene in Iraq before, in the 90's, but after the invasion it died. And after the things got better in 2007 and 2008 returned back.

Rafi: Iraqi Metal scene is growing, especially these days, because on our daily life, we see a lot of dead bodies and explosions everywhere, continuous suicide and terror attacks, and thieves among us like a disease. And we talked about that in our original tracks “War after War” and “Abo Ghuraib”. you can listen to them at:

JZ: In the End, What are Fatalogy future plans, are we gona hear any official release from you soon?

Rafi: Fatalogy now is working on a new demo with new original tracks. And we hope to make an EP and be official band as fast as we can. And I would like thanks for everyone who helped us to do this gig beginning from staff to our fans.



So, Heavy Metal continues to be this one of its kind music genre, that have its own magic of connecting people around the world, how about brothers from one country. 

Iraqi Metal scene will keep growing further and further, because its already living under Heavy and Thrashy circumstances. So, as new gigs, [Dog Faced Corpse had made a live show too back on 30th November], new bands and new songs come from there, all the support for our metalheads brothers over there in Iraq.

The setlist was : 

Fatalogy - Abu Ghraib
Arch Enemy - Nemesis
Cavalera Conspiracy - Sanctuary
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Testament - Into The Pits
Metallica - Metal Militia
Sepultura - Slave New World
Sepultura - Arise
Slayer - World Painted Blood
Fatalogy - War After War
Metallica - Seek And Destroy
Exodus - War Is My Shepherd 
Kreator - People Of The Lie
Judas Priest - Wheels Of Fire
Warbringer - Severed Reality

Fan Filmed Video for the band original “War After War”

Photo Credits and Special Thanks For: Rafi , Humam, and Khalid Al-Sawad.


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