JorZine - Fistful Of Metal Vol.4

Fistful Of Metal Vol.4

Band: Various Artists

Author: Jorzine Staff Members - 2013-06-10

FistFul of Metal - Vol. 4

Bands : Buried By The Last Tragedy, Dark Tranquillity, Pigeon Toe, Monosoul , Alpha Kenny Buddy, Witherscape


Buried By The Last Tragedy - The Burning Ship (Demo)

By: Azmo Lozmodial


 The Syrian band Buried By The Last Tragedy released its first demo album "The Burning Ship" through all the hard situations that take a place in the Syrian lands, The band presented the Doom\Death metal picture with many interesting colors, the first two songs together runs more than 15 minutes, that means they gave the tracks enough time to walk through the mind of the listeners. The classic Doom\Death metal acts (My Dying Bride,Solitude Aeturnus) are influencing this demo in a very good way, The melodies rain inside the atmosphere of the whole songs, the vocals still need more efforts to present the lyrics clearly because most of the words are inaudible, the production of the drums still need much efforts too because its louder than the other instruments which makes the some snares and crashes annoying.


The band is presenting itself is one of the Doom\Death metal acts in the Middle East and I dont think they are away from this because there are many expensive melodies within this demo, the materials are delicious for every doom\death metal fan. As a a first demo for this band, this is a good starting, I hope this band will improve in the future and present a good debut album so their name will be written on the wall of the Middle Eastern Doom\death scene. 3\5





Dark Tranquillity - Zero Distance EP 2012

By: Rak Hiasat


Its really hard to judge a band which bally replica handbags  originally from Gothenburg specially in melodic death filed , however Dark Tranquillity just release they newer EP titled "Zero Distance" , the outfit contain all modren melodic / progressive Swedish influences  , and I think this EP its just a promise from band to look for the next full-length album, but before going into the detail I must mention that these tracks are not new they were features on the bouns tracks aspect of the lastest album "We Are The Void". The album start with track one "Zero Distance" , the aggressiveness start to hit your ears from the first seconds of this album , anyone will notice that the band is decide to record an EP which is more heavier and more aggressive than "We Are the Void".


Guitars are really shining here and in the  louis vuitton epi replica outlet second track rhythmic lead guitars lead the harshly  vocals , with very fantastic drumming . " Star of Nothingness" adds more atmosphere to this EP, nontheatrical guitars playing this instrumental track with highly touch from the keyboardist. the last two tracks " To Where Fires Cannot Feed" and  "The Bow and the Arrow" show in same theme , they don’t live up to the enormous amount of hype preceding it , if the band needs to  mellow out a little and take a break in order to recollect and rediscover the energy, I can’t really condemn that decision. As long as they gather their forces properly before the next studio session. replica designer handbags


EP  Rate : 4/5.





PIGEON TOE - The First Perception

By: Nadia Shehadeh


Looking for a Katatonia-Substitute?  replica mulberry handbags Prefering progressive Metal, but not the stuff that fetishize technical metal? Congratulations, because then you will have fun with the debut of the german prog-rockers PIGEON TOE. "The First Perception" enchants and leads with hypnotic treatments, waives hectic and oppression and convince with clear structures and a complex use of all stringed instruments. We have peaceful arrangements, guitars playing and purring the accompanying drums meticulously, and that makes not only in the progressive metal actually omnipresent instrumentation a good impression. Surely, there is no real outbreak on the album, but maybe you   replica burberry handbags outlet will not miss one. Totally a clean debut, and last not least: Also the artwork of the booklet is quite outstanding. Definitely a highlight, and therefore: Almost full score. 4/5






Abidetherein - The Dislocated And The Sisyphean Project

By: JD


The Syrian extreme black metaller Abidetherein has released a new single entitled "The Dislocated and The Sisyphean Project".

The single takes the word "extreme" to the next level in our region, eleven minutes of pure ugliness hate and anger. This song will literally rape your ears musically, As the band stated when they released the single;  "the track dedicated to the ones who are detained in the prisons of darkness all over the world and especially in the Arab country".


The band definitely improved from their debut album "Paralysis Engulfed the Myth", a better production, great song writing, nicely done on the vocals, not to mention, the lyric video they made, the message they are trying to deliver, alongside with the music, were all full of emotions.... a different kind of emotion.


Rating 4/5





Monosoul - Astral Is Not The Word

By Rak Hiasat


The four tracks provided by the Syrian Post-Rock band Monosoul deliver pretty much surprising things for those who are familiar with the genre already, a heavy dose of melancholy and natural sound, combining the softness of rock music and the fragile sound and song progressions of post-rock. monosoul might be slightly more in-your-face on the EP than on any previous post rock bands in the middle east, the war rhythms in the beginning of "Echoes of A Dream" sound for a while like a different band until the melodies kick in and " This Will Hurt The Other You" has tendencies to a more chugging(-kind-of) sections. The title track builds up slowly from the beginning where only bass guitar, toms and kick drums follow a certain pattern. A lush acoustic instrumental of "Circular Journey in Square Gardens", deriving from the debut EP, is added to the package as well, and what a sweet piece of acoustic guitars, piano and minimal percussion it is. Then ending the show with "The Subliminal it", this EP its goes to the section where I consider it as a good start and I will be waiting more from this band.


Rate: 3.75/5







By Rak Hiasat


The debut EP of the UAE Nu-Metal band Alpha Kenny Buddy reminds me of system of down as hell, this is performed with energy, no doubt about that, and the production is very good as it should be. The band had lost some full riffs but that’s okay for debut EP. There are a couple of feel-good songs. Lyrics are very meaningful I, it's always good to hear someone with not that  rough voice from the middle east who speak against the system , guitars are more like pure alternative massive query,  all in all you must check these fuckers and keep your eyes wide with them.


Rate: 3/5





Witherscape - Astrid Falls (Single)

By: Azmo Lozmodial


 The progressive death metal fans around the world are yearning for some real records from the pioneers of this genre, and the thirst for such music rises after Opeth has changed the direction of their music toward softer and calmer type of progressive metal. I've always believed that the real music that I've heard in Edge Of Sanity's Crimson (Part I and II) will never return, but Dan Swano, the Swedish genius has made an end for the yearning of all the fans alongside the multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg.


The track "Astrid Falls" for the this new project (entitled Witherscape) recalls the intelligence of the solo album Moontower and mix it with the grandness of Edge Of Sanity. The scent of progressive elements swim with the melodies of the tough guitars, with charming keyboards section and catchy clean guitar passages. The monstrous growling vocals of Dan are dancing with the gentleness of his clean vocals. Dan's performance fits the skillfulness of Rangar perfectly to produce a piece of art that will never be forgotten in the death metal scene.


The variety of roughness and tenderness  , brutality and calmness are really obvious in this record, and if the upcoming album has the same interesting elements that I've heard in this track (that reminds me a lot of Moontower), then I am absolutely sure that this album will be one of the best death metal albums in the 21 century.


Rate: 10/10 YES DAMN IT !



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