JorZine - A Heart Of Gold:Tribute To Woods Of Ypres

A Heart Of Gold:Tribute To Woods Of Ypres


Author: Rak Hiasat - 2013-05-30

Day by day the international metal music scene lose more   and more of great souls, these losses strike every metalhead like a knife in his heart specially these who left us after an amazing musical career like the talent who am going to review his tribute album today. David Gold vogue replica handbags  the founder of "Woods of Ypres", and member of many other bands like "Gates of Winter", "Necramyth", " Thrawsunblat" and "The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society". Woods of Ypres   was David's love and joy and the chance to have more people   hear his music meant the world to him.





The album was managed and created by project's mastermind Steph LeDrew and Paul Kuhr. Steph: states about the collection: "On December 21, the world lost Woods Of Ypres founder/frontman David Gold. Not only was the entire local metal community but the international metal family mourned the loss of such a brilliant soul. As a thank you and farewell to Woods Of Ypres, I reached out to those who were influenced by Woods and David, so join me in creating a musical salute to one of the greatest doom metal bands to unleash onto the underground metal scene."


Going deep into the first disc, which performed by bands such as Catuvolcus, Raphael from Musk Ox, Earthen, Canopy, Panzerfaust, Kuhrzarth (Novembers Doom's Paul Kuhr (with his daughter) and Goddamn Zombies' Will Bozarth ), Anemic, Albireon, Reliquis and Gypsy Chief Goliath, the bands really successes to create such a mixture of multi genres in one outfits with an wonderful musical performance.


The album was mixed and mastered in replica hermes handbags  Unisouny the legendary Dan Swano, so it was in safe hands to be handled as one outfit; with this release the bands truly became one band that showed they could rule the entire scene. And that's exactly what they are doing. If there is something like "musical levels", these guys are at the highest level. Their combination of harsh grunts/clean vocals/deep growls, heavy yet sweeping guitar riffs; crying violins and classical keyboard/organ compositions of the highest ranks make this release one of the best tribute albums has ever known to me, the guys behind every drum lines are clearly very talented, and switches from one style to another, through the many changes and different paths in every song style. And let's not forget the basses, more than ever a forgotten instrument that helps to strengthen this entire release to a strong, steady whole of sounds. Musically and lyrically disk 1 is mastery played by the bands, Fast-flaw songs and slow-flaw, weeping songs, everything make you close your eyes and drift off to another world... It's very impressive how they succeed in combining all these different styles and sounds into the final result.


Talking about losing a family member is something extremely luxury christian dior replica hard but if also a brave to face with others, and that what David's family did, specially his mother "Esther Gold", seeing her writings among any blog about David, or even trying to share any dream by David fans in this universe, many respect to this soul…

Going back to the second disk, this performed by   replica givenchy handbags  bands such as Novembers Doom, Eclipse Eterna, Amaranth, Pagan Ritual, Begotten, Empyrean Pleague, The Gov And Carver, Justin Bender of Into Eternity and Joel Violette and Rae Amitay of Woods OF pryes, as well this disk too is going to take you into spiritual trip more, you can say it's more doom influenced.


The real glory of the album is gathering all these musical experiences into one holy gift, the longest of the songs but the most varied and atmospheric. It's very powerful in its long booming drone riffs against a background of burning black metal rhythm guitar. Quiet acoustic strings with ambient touch and spoons percussion drums. The piece of this disk fades into crackling fire to your heart with such a decent sorrow, with many respects this release throws down the gauntlet to the many extreme bands that today seek to negotiation the contradictions of modernity and nature in their art. The dry, searing heat; the grim, flinty fertility – these and more faces of this kind of music field bands reach forth from every note of music on this release. It’s a tremendous homage, if a rather grim one stand up show, but it's released to show up some bands, it’s the memorize of Gold's music itself.


In my last words what I can say, that this is the human nature sometimes all of us the people who witness on this release we will fade to the other life, these are my goodbye words to a man who really gives the metal music world all what he could;


God will link the broken chain

As one by one we meet again  replica louis vuitton epi handbags

In our hearts he will always stay

Loved and remembered every day.

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R.I.P David Gold (1980 – 2012)


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