JorZine - Walls Of Death (Vol.3)

Walls Of Death (Vol.3)

Band: Walls Of Death

Author: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-05-12

Lately, I was trying to imagine how the apocalypse would be? 

I've used all the ressources, internet, movies, stories, researches, books, etc., and I still couldn't gather my mind to a simple picture-frame of the apocalypse, and then - it hit me. Why it wouldn't be a mass destruction that already occured at  "sakia-sawi's culture wheel", it was the "Walls of Death - The Apocalypse", and the total descruction happened there, and have you imagined to attend a five fine death/black-metal-act-gig in one night ? 

As Walls of Death always blasted us with brain destruction with a hell of Egyptian bands, they brought us a mixture of melodic, doom, death, oriental and black music, and this was the line-up:

1. Soul Sanctuary (Blackend Death Metal)

2. Nathyr (Oriental Death Metal)

3. Sinprophecy (Melodic/Death-Doom Metal ) 

4. Al-Azif ( Old School Melodic Death )

5. SegadoraS (Groovy Death Metal ) 

The night started 6:30 pm sharp, with the blackened death metal act "Soul Sanctuary" which did a real amazing performance  just before the curtain revealed, and there was an old intro of mayhem called "Silvester Anfang" of the "Deathcrush" album, as the curtains revealed, the band started performing with their original "Rebellious", as they got of their first track, there was no time as they got into "In Cold Blood", "Alone for Destiny", and they ended up their show with "Sanctuary", and well, they did a great performance and an amazing show, a hell of black music, and you felt a great harmony between the band members, yet they need to tighten up their performance a bit, like working on guitar tunes. But yet I was blasted with thier performance. 

Minutes later, it was the oriental death metal act's "Nathyr" turn to blast the crowd with a hell of oriental death riffings, imaginary keyboard lines, grungy bass lines, and chaotic drum lines, as there performance was amazing, yet i didn't like the drummer's part that much, as he apparently that night needed to be more tight and accurate with the other lines. Nathyr started their performance with "Al Taghoot", one of their originals, and during "Al-Taghoot" the band stopped performing to check the monitors as they got off. And still - just in my opinion - a band should never stop performing in the middle of a track because of any backline problems - especially when the sound is good outside the stage.


As "Nathyr" fixed their technical problems they continued playing their setlist ("A Diabolical Cane", "The Raven & The Rose (MDB Cover)" and "The Lords Of Wargasm"), I really enjoyed listining to "The Lords Of Wargasm", especially the arabic verse in last quarter of the track. I even had eargasm listining to Nathyr, they did a great show, and i hope they keep it up.


Then the turn was on the Melodic/Death-Doom metal act "Sinprophecy", as they used to blast the crowds, and get them up on their feet, they provided a hell of a show, chaotic drumlines, story telling melodies, raving riffs, groovy bass lines, and melodic vocals. It was a fucking freaking show, mixed up music, doom, melodic death, breakdowns, and saturns! The crowed was blasted by their performance. Sinprophecy started their set list with "Calling The Undead", one of their originals, and then they continued playing their amazing setlist (Tears Of A Sinners, Roots Of Bleak, The Summoning ), and then they performed a new original (in memory of Mahmoud "Sakr Kourish", RiP) which is called "Farewell Bird Of Prey" . Just right "Farewell Bird Of Prey" there was "Heba Nagy - vocals" to be guest with "Sinprophecy", as they played a Saturnus inspired original called "A Tragic Confession", and they ended the show with "Spectrum Illusion", it was a great performance. Amazing riffs, the crowd was headbanging like they will never do again, as the music was awsome and i enjoyed listening to it much, there was something about the guest vocal (something like Stage-phobia), she was all shaking, but hopefully with time she will get more safety on stage.


Then it was time for the Old School Melodic Death Metal Act "Al-Azif" to get on stage, as they did a hell of performance: A tight performance, windmill headbanging riffs, blasting drum lines, amazing solos, and melodical key works. 

Al-Azif started the show with an intro, then got into "Criteria" one of their released album "Claiming the sand throne ", and just right after it they performedfour tracks from their setlist ("I shall prevail", "A beacon for the lost", "Al-Azif") and finished the show with "Alhazred", i loved their tight performance, the sound, the crowd was blasted and kept on headbanging on their feet. Really keep up the good work, guys . 


Then the night ended with an endless massacre with Walls of Death, moshpits, circle pits, and headbanging, with the groovy/death metal act "SegadoraS" as they showed up a hell of a show on the stage, Segadoras started their list with a headbanging intro connecting it with their original "Dark flux", and then they continued their set list "Silent tombs, King solitary", and they ended the show with dubstep, death core, and the arabic vocals mixed track "The Rise ", A great performance, hardcore show, neck busting riffing, drumming and amazing keys. 



This night was a neck busting night, a total apocalypse, total destruction, a pure death metal night. I bet people are still having issues with their necks after this massacre. If you missed this one, you can't miss the next one, and be aware: Free yourself for the upcoming destruction. 

My ratings for the bands:

1. Soul Sanctuary 6/10

2. Nathyr 6/10

3. Sinprophecy 8/10 

4. Al-Azif  7.5/10

5. SegadoraS 7.5/10


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