JorZine - The Persian Metal Scene In 2011

The Persian Metal Scene In 2011

Band: Jorzine

Author: Mohsen Fayyazi - 2012-12-01

It seems quiet at a glance but scratch the government-veneered surface and it’s far from it. There were several good, bad and unpleasant news-worthy mentions of 2011 for the Metal scene in Iran. Perhaps you all know what the bad news is - Metal music, it seems, is still illegal in Iran and we know what the real deal is. The unpleasantness is all  due to the monetary and economic issues. For example, when the bands weren't able to record or release their work. However, for the remainder of this article, I can bestow upon you a list of the good and important news that happened in the Persian Metal scene in 2011:


New bands have immerged in the shape of INTEGRAL RIGOR, THE BUG and DEATH FUSE and debuted with full length albums. More established memebers of the Iranian Metal scene, EKOVE EFRITS, FARZAD GOLPAYEGANI, 5GRS and MORDAB have also released a new album this year. Other bands, AZHIROCK and SATURA were successful in releasing a new single. Many music videos were shot to promote these albums, as MORDAB, POINT OF DEATH and ARSAMES had done. We can expect a few interesting releases next year as ANGBAND and KATHMAYAN (with the additon of a vocalist) have announced a new album.


Although difficult in Iran, many local Metal acts were able play concerts outside the country: AZHIROCK went to Ukraine to play at MHM Fest, one of the biggest Metal Festivals of the country. They also managed a slot in Turkey's Unirock Festival alongside compatriots, 5GRS while sharing the stage with some Metal legends such as DECAPITATED, ORPHANED LAND, VADER and MAYHEM.DEATH FUSE have also seen to make full use of this year, playing some concerts in Turkey, Armenia and Dubai, where they took the stage in the  Metal Asylum Festival alongside FROSTED LEAVES, another young,  but talented, band. On the subject of Dubai, the city hosted the RAM Battle Middle East, a band competition where several Middle Eastern Rock/Metal acts competed to recieve prizes that may catapult them onto international stages. Two Iranian bands took part in this competition: 5GRS and EXPLODE (who recieved 2nd place). Other bands also went international, such as MASTER OF PERSIA (playing in Armenia) and ARSAMES (playing in Dubai). Other bands were also able to play inside Iran: FARSHID ARABI, MORTALISM, IGNORED and CATHARSIS.


Persian Metal was also featured in JorZine's Interviews section, with interviews including ARSAMES and FROSTED LEAVES and the RAM-Battle-related interviews with 5GRS and EXPLODE.


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