JorZine - UAE Metal scene In 2011

UAE Metal scene In 2011

Band: Jorzine

Author: Amir Kourosh - 2012-12-01

Despite the fact that 2011 started with bad news for the UAE Metal scene (the Rockers SHO? disbanded), this year has been successful for the scene, in which it consolidated into the most important one in whole Middle Eastern region. This was mainly due to the international concerts that have taken place there, making the city of Dubai a hubspot for Middle Eastern talent. Several bands from all over the region have played in Dubai this year, bands including: BILOCATE, RELICS OF MARTYS, THE FAZE PROJECT, SMOULDERING IN FORGOTTEN, DESTINY IN CHAINS, MASSIVE SCAR ERA, DEATHLESS ANGUISH, MOTOR MILITIA, VOICE OF THE SOUL, ARSAMES, INNERGUILT, FROSTED LEAVES and DEATH FUSE.


Of all these shows, the RAM Battle Middle East can be considered as the most influential to the Middle Eastern Metal community this year. The festival took place this summer in Dubai and the Kuwaiti band, FREEFALL were deemed the winners. Some Asian bands have also played in the Emirates, such as the Pakistani rockers, JAL and the Indian Hard Rock legends, INDUS CREED.


Apart from its importance inside the Middle Eastern scene, many international bands have performed in the UAE as part of their Asian tours. We have to mention ANATHEMA, OBSCURA, FIREZONE, DEAD CITY RUINS, ZYGNEMA, FATHER and the most important concert in the Middle East this year: METALLICA in Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, we should also mention the cancellation of The Mutt Rock Fest, which was going to be headlined by MEGADETH.


But the UAE scene is not only about Metal concerts. Many bands have achieved great success and many young bands have made the first step to becoming great bands in a near future. Starting with NERVECELL, the UAE's biggest band, for them, it has been a year full of success. They released their sophomore album "Psychogenocide", which was crtically acclaimed by both media and fans. They have toured the world in support of their new album, performing in Bahrain, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Germany, Czech Republic, as well as in their home country. After supporting METALLICA in Abu Dhabi, they were confirmed as the opening act of MORBID ANGEL's European Tour.


In spite of its musical and cultural significance, NERVECELL is not the only band in the UAE. Many other bands have achieved important things, such as COAT OF ARMS, who, apart from winning the national round of the RAM Battle 2011 and playing at Yas Arena in front of thousands of Metal maniacs, successfully released a new album. PERVERSION announced the release of their debut album, which has been mastered by Steve Tucker (NADER SADEK, ex-MORBID ANGEL). Despite the fact they faced difficulties this year (the cancellation of their concert at the Unleashed Metal Fest in India and at the Metal Pyramids Festival in Egypt), they played several gigs in their homeland and in Egypt, at Metal Blast Brain Slash. They have also been confirmed to play at Queens of Metal Fest in July 2012 in Germany, sharing the stage with VADER, EXODUS and many more. ABSOLACE played again in Lebanon this year, supporting 30 SECONDS TO MARS in their concert at Byblos International Festival.


Many bands have released their debut recordings: the Punk rockers, GRAND HOTEL PARADOX have released an EP and a 2-song single, which provided them the possibility of touring Southeast Asia. EYE also released their debut album and supported ANATHEMA in their Dubai concert. ANURYZM also released their debut album, giving them wide media exposure.Other young and unknown-by-many-people bands have also released their debut recordings, such as WE LEFT AS SKELETONS, ALISON ANDREWS, MIDWAY and VIN SINNERS.


For 2012, it is expected that COAT OF ARMS, PERVERSION, APEIRA, NIKOTIN, POINT OF VIEW, RIFF RAFF and many more bands are to release new albums, allowing the rest of the region to remain viewing the UAE Metal scene in an optimistic light.


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