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Band: JorZine

Author: Kassem - 2011-12-15



The Old Hearth

Studio Interview:






I got the chance to go over The Old Hearth Studio to listen to some recorded tracks and watch Fadi doing his job. It was a great experience for me and I had the chance to ask him a few questions:


Q1 - When did The Old Hearth Studio open its door to the music industry? Did you face any problems? Tell us more about how it started.


- The idea was born in early 2009 when we needed a place to record our stuff, so it was basically a home studio, then it became a more serious project, so we started enhancing the studio and make it more suitable for bands to record their stuff too since we knew the problems everyone went through with recording and producing this kind of music.


Q2 - Tell us a bit about the bands you’re currently working with and any new bands that have asked you to record their albums in The Old Hearth Studio.


- Currently we're mixing the debut from the black metal band Abidetherein and our upcoming Eulen EP, the progressive band Exophoria are finishing their recording sessions, and the brutal death metal band Kaboos will start recording soon after, aswell as yet unconfirmed bands like Netherion (death metal) and Psychiatric Delusions (doom metal)


Q3 - Have you ever worked with bands who are not from Syria, or even play Rock\Metal? Do you provide session musicians in the studio?


- We do work with all kinds of music, up till now it's all local bands from Damascus, we're trying our best to work with more bands around Syria and the Middle east, and yes we do provide session musicians for bands.


Q4 - So, as we all know, Eulen, the Blackend Doom Metal band has recorded "Mother Tree" and, Despair, the Black Metal band recorded "Depersonalization" in The Old Hearth Studio, with you producing both albums. What was the feedback you recieved so far? about the production quality and about the albums in general


- We received great feedback about it, actually we wanted to give the production the best and make records that are enjoyable for all metal fans worldwide since the production can really affect on the listener's views about the record, and that what happens with lots of great syrian and arabian bands who can't have their music produced the way they want it to be, so they don't get the attention they truly deserve.


Q5 - I had the chance to hang out with you in the studio while you were mixing Abidetherein's debut album. So how is the mixing process going on?


- It's almost finished, it is a solid album and the biggest we've done so far and we're really excited about the end result, it will be out in january.


Q6 - Where do you see The Old Hearth Studio going in the next few years?


- We're planning to become our own label and help local metal bands to release their stuff worldwide



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