JorZine - Lebanon's Metal Scene in 2011

Lebanon's Metal Scene in 2011

Band: JorZine

Author: Carmina Khairallah - 2011-12-24

2011 could be what some would refer to as the renewal of the Lebanese Metal scene, which some locals may want to compare to a "phoenix-like revival." Even though it is definitely not as active as it used to be back when places like Cherry’s were still around, it is still obvious that we are either in the middle of reigniting a once tame flame or on the verge of witnessing its extinction. Let’s stay positive and take a look at what happened this year:

First of all let’s talk about releases: KAOTEON were the first to strike with the release of their new track, “One by One (Dogs Heed the Call)” from their album “Veni Vidi Vomui” which was released in late February. ALAN AZAR also released his new album “The Cosmologist” during a stunning concert in Nova after several teasers. MONARCHY and ROSWELL both released their debut albums, MEEN released a new one and AMADEUS AWAD produced a limited edition EP. As for KIMAERA, they have delivered their single, “December Ends” accompanied by an official music video. DOORS TO ASPIRATIONS have also released a new music video for their song, “Some Home.”

Among the bands who entered the studio this year to record albums, we have: BLOOD INK, INNERGUILT, BLAAKYUM, NOCTURNA, with all bands posting teasers of their upcoming albums. AMADEUS AWAD is also in the process of recording another album and is set to be performing in the CD release party alongside Ex-Malmsteen vocals, Mark Boals, Delain’s guitarist and other big-name musicians. Also, BANDAGE will be releasing their first single soon and OBLIVION are currently working on their full-grown, fully remastered first album.


Perhaps the most striking thing that happened to the Lebanese Rock and Metal Scene this year were the concerts. Of course, we were graced with many, rather “normal” local events such as: Rock for Children Cancer, Brothers of Metal I and II, Made of Metal II and III, Get Outta Your Mind, Metal Blaze, Towards Babalon, Rocka Rolla, Live in Nostalgia, Chapter II, Mysteria, Step 1, 2, Smash!, Midnight Rock II and many other unnamed concerts by bands such as In Sanity, Heavy Silence, BandAge, Roswell, April and, especially, The Kordz who seemed to monopolize the stage this year. A concert named, “…As the Memory Remains” aimed to commemorate the Armenian Genocide and a series of two Tribute Nights tried to revive bands and artists who had disappeared for a while. We also saw the creation of a few new spaces, either used before for calmer gigs or newly erected for live acts: Bar Louie, Blacklist and The Quadrangle, although most concerts still took place at Nova.

Also, Rockring launched Lebanon into the Global Battle of the Bands also known as GBOB and after several rounds and astonishing finals, The Passive Standout were chosen to represent the country. Another very important event was the Beirut Rock Festival which saw performances by Serj Tankian, Moonspell and Katatonia among other local and international bands and artists. Lebanon was also honored to be part of the Scorpions’ final world tour with 3 days of concert and Danny Cavanagh & Anneke Van Giersbergen‘s Acoustic Tour.


Lebanon also produced a lot for the international Metal scene. THE KORDZ performed as an opening act during Deep Purple’s tour in Germany after releasing their album there as well as in an orchestral concert in Canada, LAZZY LUNG won the Home-Grown to Hollywood competition organized by and the Rolling Stone Middle East Battle of the Bands in Dubai, KIMAERA were selected to be one the few global bands to be featured in Metal Hammer magazine's CD compilation "Global Metal." ROSWELL performed in a show in Amman, Jordan; INNERGUILT took part in the Deccan Rock Festival in India and the Holy Noise Live Metal Show – Phobia Night in the UAE and KIMAERA participated in the Unirock Festival in Turkey! All really great stuff, sadly shadowed by a few false hopes, mainly concerning INNERGUILT, who were supposed to play in Nepal to support VADER and were also set to take part in the Underground Unleashed Metal Fest in India alongside with fellow Middle Eastern bands ARSAMES and PERVERSION, sadly, both were cancelled.


In other random news, OblivioN welcomed a new drummer, Steve Scorps (welcome Steve!) and MEEN organized a competition that invited amateur and professional directors to work on their new music video.


All in all, the Lebanese Metal scene seems to be going very well, we can only hope that it will stay that way and maybe even get better. To know more, stay tuned as JorZine keeps you updated until the end of the world, which


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