JorZine - Jordanian Metal Scene In 2011

Jordanian Metal Scene In 2011

Band: JorZine

Author: Anas Disi - 2011-12-24

BilocateFrom the echoes of jingling bells ringing in the Christian avenues, to the everlasting echoes of the unified "athan" of mosques in the Muslim ones, comes the conclusion of an eventful year in a culturally and religiously diverse, relatively small kingdom in the Middle East; known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It has been an eventful year to this small kingdom from all different sides, including the political side with protests and several governmental changes, the cultural side with very wide opening to social media and to freedom of speech and also especially the musical side with the rise of several musicians who went against the norm and for once wrote music that was not national-praising in its cause. Enter 2011, a year that changed Jordan forever, and especially in heavy metal music.
Looking at the number of bands and the number of releases this year, from bands that cover a wide array of lyrical topics, one would not believe that heavy metal is an abhorred form of music in Jordan. Gigs and concerts that contain heavy metal activities  hermes replica handbags et this portion of society has managed to go against the odds and make a name for itself in the international metal scene, that even a renowned musician suc replica rolex h as Dan Swano came to work with Jordanian bands like Bilocate. As an another example, despite all the prohibitions set on metal gigs, Dragonrider, a renowned power metal band from Jordan, has managed to play at a gig - even though with the loss of their vocalist - and paid the burden of not being able to see headbanging crowds and mosh pits at their performances just for the cause of Jordanian metalheads.

Releases were also given generously this year. Most notably, symphonic black metal potential masters Nathrzeim gave out such a decent and well-played release with "Sickness Of Inner Divinity", doom metallers Chalice Of Doom opened the doors to their career with a great release with "Immemorial Nightfall", newly-formed Forgotten Hopes have released a progressive metal album with the name of "Last Human" and Jordanian extreme metal pioneers Soulbleed have released yet another opus with the name of "Prophecy". A lot of inspiration is coming for new bands and as I see it on the Jordanian street, more and more people are going in for being metalheads or playing metal music this year than the year before. Besides Forgotten Hopes as a new band, the thrash band by the name of Cruciator has formed and is currently in the process of instrumental training and jamming sessions. Bands and projects such as Kissing The Crown Of Thorns, Legion, Strifeman and Eternal Maze have formed as well.

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Besides the new releases and the new bands forming, the Jordanian metal scene is getting more and more exposure to pioneers in metal subgenres worldwide. As stated before, Dan Swano (Edge Of Sanity / Bloodbath) has joined the band of Bilocate for guest vocal work on their 2012 album, but that's not all. Doom metallers Falling Leaves have also had a substantial amount of renowned guests in the doom scene on their upcoming albnum "Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun", such as Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), Josep Brunet (Helevorn), Niclas Frohagen (Forest of Shadows, Ningizzia, Genesis Of Pain,...) and Olof Gothlin (Draconian, In Flames, Alla Fagra...). Further exposing the metal scene here in Jordan, Exile has played a live show in Turkey while Bilocate has played in the UAE, Germany and Egypt.



With such an eventful year, the Jordanian metallers have also left us things to anticipate in the next year of 2012 in 2011's news scoops. Thrashers Exile have announced that they are working on an album set for release next year, Bilocate will be releasing "Summoning The Bygones", Falling Leaves will be releasing "Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun" (as stated above) and Dragonrider will release a power metal opus by that year as well. We are also waiting for Atomos, chalice of doom and Relics Of Martyrs, who have announced news this year, to release their albums by next year. Through all of these promises, we can all safely hope that the great steps forward taken in 2011 will pave a new way for more innovation in metal for the next year.

Peace, metalheads!
Keep your hopes with Jordan.




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