JorZine - Dragon Rider Studio Report

Dragon Rider Studio Report

Band: Dragon Rider

Author: Muhannad Saleh - 2012-11-27

Jorzine's Street team Leader Muhanad Saleh visited the Jordanian DragonRider to one of the band's Recording Sessions to get you the latest updates about the band's upcoming album "Tower of Babylon ".which will include 8 tracks:.

1- Where thunder forever Strikes
2- Tower of Babylon
3- As we Raise the Flags of War (same track from Musical Sword)
4- Just Another Day
5-The Accursed Oasis
6-Scepter of Domination
7-By the Power of Metal
8-Grand Finale

The Album will be released and distributed under the Music Label Symphoqueen Productions, and will be available on, and on Itunes. 

Sadly the Jorzine Team arrived a little late, so I only got to witness some of the vocal recording, it wasn’t enough to get a general idea but I have to say: “Power metal fans start saving for this one”. From what I heard from the vocals Dragon Rider mixed a lot of styles and genres together and there are some really cool oriental touches. Here is what DragonRider had to say when they were asked about the Differences between the band's new Album and the old ones. " First of all we have a new line-up, new musicians have joined the band will make the sound much more different, because each musician has his own style and not to mention his musical background and influences. So that's one of the main differences.

leather portfolio


leather portfolio


leather portfolio

Second thing is that we have been around for years now, and we kept on doing music and rehearsing it. We got more experience with the passing time and more importantly we got used to each other in the band as musicians performing together. So I say the new album sounds different because we have reached a new level as a band together and as musicians individually.

The third thing is ,as the main songwriter in the band, I try not to limit my thoughts within a box, I try to come up with different ideas. I mean the first release (Musical Sword) had a lyrical theme which was Epic and the whole album told a story, so there was a kind of sequence between the songs which I believe is not easy to do. While our second release (Moon Serenade) had three different styles with only three Different songs. with three different modes. and that was not easy as well.

What I'm trying to do is bring in my various influences, and my years of experience into my music. But as for the new album you can feel everyone's influences here, and that will make the new album sound much more different than the previous ones.

Fourth thing is you can hear some keyboards on some songs, we have never done that before so, it's exciting for us as musicians to include another instrument in our music. It is challenging ,I think, and keyboards have variety of sounds to give the band We have used a Flute before so why not use a keyboard if it fits in nicely.

Last but not least and on behalf of my band I would like to thank you Muhannad and the whole Jorzine team for all the hard work and all the effort for all those years. and for your kind approach. And I want to thank all the people who support Heavy Metal in Jordan and in the whole World. 

Thank you and have a great day.” - Mad Rad from Dragonrider.

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